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Favorite ThisDabin x Feint - When You Return ft Daniela Andrade

Published: March 7, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

This is, straight up, drum & bass at its finest. When you've got two master producers like Dabin and Feint behind the controls, you can pretty much count on them to light it up. Throw in the scintillating vocals of Daniela Andrade, and you've got a masterpiece on your hands. The liquid-cool drums push through the waves of glittering synths like a speedboat at high tide. Carving your way through that pulsing drop, you can almost feel the spray of sticky saltwater and taste it on your tongue. The release is part of Dabin's Ghost Hack EP, available now on Kannibalen Records. If some supergroup is being formed, we want to know. We'd love to prepare ourselves for an onslaught of more amazing tunes.