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Favorite ThisDa Cruz - Boom Boom Boom Remixes

Published: December 13, 2011

The ensemble Da Cruz is a collaboration between vocalist Mariana Da Cruz (a Paulista with Bahian roots) and Swiss producer Ane H. Together with their band, they merge Brazilian music, Electro, Afro Beat, Breakbeats, Ethiopian Grooves, Kuduro and other forms of dance music. On the "Boom Boom Boom" Remixes, Da Cruz' Afro- Brazilian Electro-Kuduro banger gets remixed by bass scientists Stereotyp, Radiohiro, Kush Arora, Thomas Blondet & Jimi Wes, Señor Oz, Will Magid and Da Cruz themselves.

While Ane H. claims there is nothing overtly political about their music, he does feel that the politics of music are directly addressed. "There is currently an almost pushy development in Europe towards acoustic music with a wood guitar. Everything sounds so adult and reasonable." He wanted to shake up the pretensions of a café culture that assimilates Brazilian music and "abused it for the sound of elevators and lounges." Da Cruz is the shaky dose of caffeine that's been missing in such polite conversations conducted in candle-lit restaurants.

"We wanted to make a danceable album," he continues, "an album that is both funky and electronic. The music of Da Cruz is not sunny and nice and undisturbing. The African side is also accentuated, much harsher than what we have done before. We wanted to show that there is a Brazil far from the postcard idyll, far from feather boas and Carnaval—a modern, rebellious, open and urban Brazil. The album has many, many facets."