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Favorite ThisCTRL heads out on a 'Spacewalk'

Published: May 6, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

CTRLProps to Jimmy Mosqueda a.k.a. ION for turning me onto his buddy, CTRL. Though he's been busy in the house and techno world for a bit, Juan Reynoso is making a splash in the bass world on the backs of collabs with ION and others and new original tunes.

Today, I've got one of those new ones for you. “Spacewalk” is a hybrid dubstep and hip-hop track with a ton of swagger. It's got just the right amount of wubs for fans of ION and his Spicy Bois co-horts, and frankly now that we're stuck inside, there's no better time to be taking an extra-vehicular outer space stroll in our heads than right now. Control your roll.

Tags: DubstepHip HopTrap