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Favorite ThisCrywolf finds loneliness (and monsters) in Iceland, unveils Slow Burn

Published: November 5, 2015

By: Martin Van Beek

With Cataclasm drawing nearer and nearer its November 20 release date, Crywolf unveils his fourth and final single off the highly anticipated album, "Slow Burn." This track compared to the other singles off of the album, is much darker and shows a more profound side to Justin Taylor Phillips’ musical style.

As he puts it, “'Slow Burn' is about the imprint a person leaves on you after they are gone – the particular shape of their absence.” Focusing more upon his vocals and lyricism, the amorous falsettos and elegant percussion, give this track the essence of a soulful R&B hit.

Paired with the fourth and final video in his YouTube mini-series about the making of Cataclasm, we are left to wonder what other musical genius we are in store for when the album drops later this month.


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