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Favorite ThisCrywolf directs video for his gut-wrenching 'The Hunger In Your Haunt'

Published: September 14, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

Who remembers the heart-wrenching, powerful performance Justin Taylor Phillips a.k.a. Crywolf gave us this year at The Untz festival? It was a beautiful moment for all those involved and we are so excited to share the brand new video for his track “The Hunger In Your Haunt.”

The track comes as a part his super successful Cataclasm LP featured here on The Untz last year. Filled with the haunting energy Crywolf has garnered throughout his catalog of productions, “The Hunger In Your Haunt” is especially ethereal.

If you needed any more reason to obsess over this guy’s talent, the official video for this track was co-directed and edited by Phillips himself. It provides a window into the emotion behind this track in particular and leaves viewers wide-eyed with wonder.

Check out the video via Crywolf’s YouTube channel and revisit the Cataclysm LP on his Soundcloud or iTunes.

Tags: DubstepElectronica