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Favorite ThisCrizzly - Crunkstep Vol 3 - Booty By Crizzly [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: December 10, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

We've been maintaining for a while that Crizzly Knows Best, and since that weirdo with the manicure, fake tan, and cardigans showed up on the TV, we've been waiting for Chris Marshall to return to the spotlight and stake his claim, for once and for all.

Here's the proof. Check the pudding.

Crizzly's latest Crunkstep Vol 3 is absurd. No one was better suited for the trap boom than Mr. Marshall, and he brings back that classic crunk for all to enjoy with Booty By Crizzly. It's a tour de force of the Rocfather, Drake, Migos, and more, with Crizzly's signature rattling hi-hats, and cabinet rattling bass.

No one does it quite like him, so it's a good thing this 60+ minute mix is yours for FREE. That's less than you'll pay for a dripping, gooey, scrumption slice o' 'za. #SLICEGANG

Tags: DubstepHip HopTrap