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Favorite ThisCosby Sweater - Pillow Talk [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: April 14, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Do you need a Rollie Fingers-style handlebar to rock Party Dad? No, but it helps. Those Hoosier so-and-so's in Cosby Sweater found a sound and they're not letting go. Today's "Pillow Talk" premiere encapsulates everything that was cool about the 70's: the earthtones, the high-waisted denim hot pants, and above all, the Little River Band, and gives it a modern kick (an Earth Shoes-wielding foot, no doubt). Slices of soul are peppered in between exquisite sax runs. We are slaves to the groove. Blending elements of electro-soul and future funk, this cut is absurdly catchy. And fun, goshdarnit.
Last week, we learned Richard "Sleepy" Floyd would be departing as the trio's drummer after this week's midwest run leading to the album release party at The Vogue in Indianapolis. We're saddened by his retirement, but the band will keep on chugging, picking up a new stickman and hitting the road with Conspirator for a run of northeast dates. Plenty of festivals dot the schedule, including Summer Camp and Rootwire, and tomorrow's release of Party Dad will signal a new era for the funky act. The uninitiated will meet a swift reckoning. And if you can grow a mustache, why not go Goose Gossage--the mini-muttonchop look is coming back, courtesy of Cosby Sweater.

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