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Favorite ThisCome meet the crazy Feed Me kids at 'Feed Me's Family Reunion'

Published: July 10, 2016

By: Bo Nuanual

We always make sure to keep an ear to the ground so that we can get the word out when a fire track or album hits the streets, but Feed Me’s Family Reunion hit the scene this past week with such a thunderous and otherworldly punch that our ears are still ringing from this drop and no doubt - legendary album in the making. The impact crater from this full-length release is so deep and awe-inspiring that any fan of electro house, dubstep, or drum and bass must have felt the shockwaves by now. 

London-based musician Jon Gooch is the mastermind behind Feed Me and has been producing electronic music under several monikers for a little over a decade. Fans of Feed Me will not be disappointed. The eight-track album takes veteran audiences on a creative journey pit-stopping at the multiple genres Gooch is known to operate in while never failing to incorporate and deliver unique imaginative concepts and his own artistic fingerprints. Released under his own Sotto Voce imprint, this is his fourth release (fifth, including the latest Spor EP) on his own since first breaking the Feed Me brand on Deadmau5's Mau5trap label.

Newbies to Feed Me will also find Feed Me’s Family Reunion irresistible - one cannot help but dance. Have you ever seen a weirdo walking down the street dancing by himself and not giving a fuck who was looking or who was disturbed by it? Yep. That has been me the past 24 hours and I have no shame. As a matter of fact, I am almost certain that I am not alone because Feed Me’s Family Reunion is currently sitting comfortably at the top of iTunes Top 40 US Dance Albums.

Dreamy and mysterious low frequency tones carried by a melodic synth captivate listeners on the LP’s opening track, “High Speed Weekend Survivor.” A purposeful and evolving fog eventually begins to lift and the sun comes out at 2:00. A hopeful energy forms, tapers off, and then like a confident lover - BANG - electro house takes control. Pairing recommendations: the house recommends this track for Monday morning breakfasts at the workplace. Although still reeling from the wild weekend, work is piling up on your desk and someone has got to do it and that someone is you. Toughen up and get your work done to this track.

The second track, “Stay Focused,” is a solid drum and bass influenced piece that gets the much needed serotonin flowing up in that noggin of yours. Still at work? Blast this and move your body while you get shit done, son. If you weren't feeling motivated to get out of your bed and on the bus to make that paper, then this tune is bound to change your mood. The only problem is this track has so much damn energy you may accidentally veer off course and into a cosmic wormhole. I’m not a big fan of working for the man anyhow and would much rather be at a rad dance party with some aliens. Wormholes are cool with me. If you feel the same way about work or aliens then track two is for you!

It’s hard to pick a favorite on this album because it’s just consistently that good but, there is something distinctly energizing and special about, “Red Clouds (Serious Ting).” Try not to blow your speakers out when you get to track three. Melodic notes combined with lovely inspirational and moving vocals could not be placed more properly. One minute you're jumping up-and-down with sweat dripping down from your brow and the next; you're floating on clouds without a person in sight. At 1:20 this track gets dubstep as fuck. Appropriate breaks move your body and get you pumped. Somewhere right now a dance floor in some dark warehouse or a hidden field is getting ripped apart and set ablaze because this song makes you want to dance that hard and then some. The track has temporal moments for both dancing sensually as well as lower chakra guided booty and hip dipping. I’m blasting this on repeat the next time I make my way through a mystic mountain pass. No matter where you play it; you definitely won’t stop moving.

Feed Me links up with noted Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt on track four to produce one of the loveliest tracks on this album, “What it Feels Like.” The track is nothing but peace, love, and respect for humanity. This electro house tune is absolutely inspirational. I can’t get it out of my head and you won’t be able to either. I find myself determined to evolve and be my best self when I blast this masterpiece. The arrangement totally communicates awareness and a heightened consciousness that this planet so desperately needs. This may be 2016’s anthem for love. With all the hate floating around the globe, we certainly need it.

A much darker and harder track, “Schizoid” brings a forceful blend, incorporating elements of dubstep, trap, and hip-hop. Heavy bass enthusiasts are going to be blown away when plugging this into a proper sound-system. I’ll be there with you all swaying and bobbin’ to these hardcore feels. “Schizoid” sets the mood for track six.

Trouble” with Kaneholler kicks off with pure and commanding vocals which incite feelings of love, the pangs of romance, and the highs and lows we generally feel when we’re with that special someone. At 1:23, the tune morphs into hard drive with breakbeats which really get the blood flowing. Is someone hurting you emotionally? Maybe you’re lovesick? Free yourself and let all that draining energy go while dancing it out to this song.

American Cemetery,” is the album’s mischievous electro track with a side of dubstep and is simply super danceable. This song makes the body go and the mind shut down. We love the dynamic element to this arrangement. Halfway through the song it slows then builds back up with totalitarian force. Imagine a club going up full throttle with glow-sticks and lights everywhere the eyes can see. Colors are everywhere. It’s a party. Don't think. Just Dance.

The LP ends on such a fantastic note with the track, “Life Raft.” This bad boy of a tune is debatably one of my favorites. Melodic synth lines create this over-powering emotional climb to a place of hope where anything is possible for the listener. No matter what is going on in your life or how drained you may feel at times just jump onto the life raft. Drive yourself without fear into the unknown. Embrace the unknown and trust it will always be okay. Trust the universe. Trust the life raft.

Gooch has done it again with his rip-roaring LP. The new album totally delivers to fans old and new alike. If you aren’t familiar with his body of work yet or haven't given the new album a spin, then please do yourself a favor and hop on board right now! Everyone can’t stop talking about the waves Feed Me keeps making and you need to tune into the conversation right now.

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