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Favorite ThisCntrlla exorcises his River Demon on ThazDope Records

Published: December 19, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Deeper RootsKota Zasada has been popping up on our feed more and more these days. Probably because fans, promoters, and labels all over the midwest are catching on to the wildly innovative tunes he's producing.

The Cntrlla sound has evolved rapidly over the past few months, and today ThazDope Records unleashes the culmination of this experimental fervor in the shape of four wholly original tracks.

River Demon launches with “Came Through,” a propulsive and gritty cut that leads right into “Nitrous Boi,” a lighter, more playful number that has an addictive bounce.

Just The Tip” has this irreverent sort of flair that reminds us of early Bleep Bloop. There are also no hang-ups about tempo or rhythmic trappings that Zasada's contemporaries might fall into. He avoids doing anything expected; it's what keeps this EP fresh.

The title track, “River Demon,” closes out the collection on a pensive, reflective note. It's much more reserved than the other tracks, but maintains that throttled energy.

It's no accident we shine a light on Cntrlla today, the same day we announce we're hopping on board the Deeper Roots showcase with our friends at ThazDope and M&S Productions. Cntrlla will be joining The Widdler, SMITH., VCTRE, and KNGHT B2B Chidi. The headliners, of course, both performed at The Untz Festival this summer, and we've been super high on this VCTRE kid as the breakout US neuro act of 2018. We're heading to The Forge in Joliet, Illinois on Saturday, February 17 with an army of bass invaders, so we encourage all who want to get weird to find their way into some tickets.

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