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Favorite ThisCinnamon Chasers - Time [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: June 13, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

For those concerned about the fate of house music, be not afraid. Rising stars like the UK's Star Slinger along with his JET JAM posse have swooped in and pumped some fresh blood into the aging genre. Perhaps no one is doing more work on the ground here in the States, though, than another famous Brit. Russ Davies, producing and performing as Cinnamon Chasers in addition to his ABAKUS moniker, has been a crossover hit in the jam scene pumping out funky nu-disco, breaks, and electro to live music fans. But with his latest Cinnamon Chasers 5-track EP, Time.Body.Tears, Davies is focused on reinvigorating the sounds of house. We're thrilled, to bring you the premiere of "Time," today. A dark, shimmering tune that ripples like a crystal clear lake in the moonlight. The tempo is a notch under the rest of the EP, which enjoys a June 18th release. Grab that one next week.