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Favorite ThisChrissy Murderbot: Greatest Hits ★★★★★ Review

Published: April 22, 2013
By: Elizabeth DeCicco

Chicago beat artist Chrissy Murderbot’s Greatest Hits ★★★★★ was not conceived as a “greatest hits” album, but a collection of new origianls and remixes that embody the future of bass. The “emoji” stars demonstrate Murderbot's unfettered humor, and the cartoon album cover featuring stars, chains, and upturned derrieres seals it. But this is some serious exploration of futuristic sounds.

The album certainly satisfies fans of footwork. “Get Wet Baby” could be
ideal for getting pumped up with full body energy. “Slang It” plays with a clean, fresh propulsion straight from the basement. Its bizarre electrofunk beats are the foundation of its appeal. "What You Are To Me" is just straight bass electricity.

On the remix tip, "What Should I Do (Slick Shoota RMX)" resembles a crazed rave with wildly syncopated beats. Famed UK producer Star Slinger plays in the space between house and hip-hop on his "Pew Pew" take. The tracks one by one create a unique motive for getting into a madcap danceoff.

Seven tracks speak for their own name, and then some mind-blowing remixes follow, conveying aggressively progressive takes on the mordern dance scene. Murderbot’s fiercely original album is out now on Murder Channel Records.

Tags: DubstepElectroHard DanceHardcoreHouse