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Favorite ThisChris Komus debuts trippy tune 'Squirrelly Eyed Surprise' from new EP

Published: April 14, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Chris KomusThere are many names you can call on when you need your psydub fix, but the #1 doctor recommended psychedelic brand in our home is Chris Komus. The Canadian audio wizard always treats us right with these sonic journeys that not only treat our symptoms, but really cure the ills that dog us. Komus has a brand new EP dropping tomorrow (April 15) on iconic the Shanti Planti label. Sickly Fingers has five incredible tracks, and even the artwork by Matthew Vidalis is pretty stunning.

Chris is kind enough to let us bring our fans a sneak preview of the EP in the shape of “Squirrelly Eyed Surprise,” which was my favorite on the release. While some psydub will leave fans feeling a little flaccid, this gorgeous composition, which clocks in at just over 8 minutes, really does have a sense of purpose from the jump, and weaves into some wiggly territory that also ends up producing some poignant wubs. Just my kinda jam—it's got some edge to it.

Tags: DubstepGlitch