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Favorite ThisCharlestheFirst takes on Minnesota's hit 'HiLow'

Published: February 20, 2018

By: Heather Hodder

CharlestheFirstCharlestheFirst, the west coast experimental bass and psychedelic prodigy who has been trending upward since he popped on the scene a couple years ago, dropped his much anticipated remix of Minnesota’s “HiLow,” which became the track of the fall when Christian Bauhofer released it as a single via Wakaan back in the fall.

The remix, which is available as a free download, comes in a few seconds shorter than the original, but without skimping on any of the power, instead compressing it into a concise, sophisticated little package. 

The Untz Festival 2018CharlestheFirst’s take is peppered with alien noises, test frequencies, and wobbles mimicking a radio antennae attempting to pick up extraterrestrial signals. The mysterious sounds are balanced out with peaceful chirping, and smooth, babbling water. The pace of the remix mirrors the original with a similar driving groove, but the over-the-top drops of the original are subdued into intense, laser-like focus.

As Ingalls posted when he released the track last week, Bauhofer is a big influence on his sound. “It was an honor getting to remix this huge tune by Minnesota. He was actually one of the first sets I saw that made me want to start creating electronic music.”

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