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Favorite ThisCatskill Chill (Sept 5-7 - Hancock, NY) reveals electronic heavy lineup

Published: April 29, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Catskill ChillMore and more electronic acts are slowly seeping into staunchly jam festivals. The writing is on the wall for live music fans and festival organizers alike. This year, live dance music acts make their biggest impact on Catskill Chill in the event's five year history, once again returning to Camp Minglewood in Hancock, NY from September 5-7.

Leading the charge is the biggest livetronica story of the year. The newly reformed electro-jam pioneers The New Deal make their much-heralded return to upstate New York. With a new member in tow, drummer Joel Stouffer, the live electronic hybrid returns founding members Jamie Shields and Dan Kurtz for a much-anticipated summer and fall season. The threesome finds itself atop a lineup full of acts they've influenced.

Another surprise add to the lineup is Electron, an off-shoot of The Disco Biscuits and Conspirator, featuring Marc Brownstein on bass, Aron Magner on keys, Tommy Hamilton (Brothers Past) on guitar, and drummer Mike Greenfield (Lotus). "Brownie" is also performing a DJ set, which we're super interested in learn about.

Simon Posford will be performing a Shpongle DJ set, and he'll be joined in the vinyl frontier by Orchard Lounge and Wyllys. Other electronic acts on the lineup include Papadosio, Particle, Cosby Sweater, Skytree, and more.

Catskill Chill has a very limited capacity, so make sure you jump on tickets early. RV passes are available, as well as 16-bed cabins you can share with your besties in Camp Minglewood. Make sure you get all the information and tickets and

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