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Favorite ThisCASPA sells out 12-inch for Sentry Records

Published: March 7, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

According to a recent interivew, CASPA has been sending his dubs to Youngsta since day one. Gary McCann and Daniel Lockhart both grew out of the fervent underground dubstep scene in the UK before it was even a thing. Now McCann, who rarely releases outside of his Sub Soldiers imprint, has blessed Lockhart's new Sentry Records label with a sell out 12".

The vinyl pressing of “Gutter Riddim” and its B-side, “Hot Head,” are already sold out, but you can snag the back catalog of Sentry's fresh bass supply featuring Nomine, dBridge, and Akcept for just a few quid. The A-side belies it's name with a minimal clip, but the reverse lives up to its name, coming bursting out the gates with a terrifying wobble assault over two drops.

Of course, we've got a vested interest in both of these UK vanguards. CASPA will be headlining The Untz Festival this summer in Mariposa, California, and Youngsta is part of the jaw-dropping Pioneers of Dubstep 3-hour block with Joker, Hatcha, and J:Kenzo. You can catch Youngsta in the states this month doing Bloodline shows with Hatcha, and CASPA is headed stateside for some big dates next month.

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