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Favorite ThisCASPA premieres grimy whomper 'The Nothing'

Published: September 1, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

It's difficult to call anyone in their early 30's an 'elder statesman,' but when you're talking about dubstep, the label fits Gary McCann like a comfy lambswool cardigan.

Busting out of the UK grime scene in the mid-aughts, CASPA remains a titan of the bass scene on both sides of the pond and worldwide, as his tour schedule touts. Steadfastly riding a tumultuous industry that has toppled many of his contemporaries through trend-hopping, addiction, sell out status, or simple lack of creative output, McCann continues to produce iconic tracks, sticking with the sound that brought him into the spotlight, and evolving alongside a style he helped bring to the forefront.

CASPAIt also helps that the dubstep movement is experiencing a bit of early nostalgia, hearkening back to a 'classic' sound right in line with the early CASPA catalog. Remembering the wubs that brought us such joy in 2009 helps us honor the sound, and thank the heavens audio production has advanced so much in the past decade that new takes on a time-tested theme sound as fresh as ever.

Enter “The Nothing,” a brooding monster of a cut that echoes into the vastness a nihilistic call that slashes us to our core. It's easy to strike fear in our hearts when the 24-hour news cycle reflects a bleak end-of-days outlook. Call this new track from CASPA the soundtrack to our planetary descent into the abyss. It's cold out there in space—all that remains is nothing.

This is the latest in the Vibrations series McCann is chipping away at on his Sub Soldiers imprint. He takes on six Canadian dates in the span of ten days beginning tonight (September 1) with the Toronto Bass Community. He then hits the States at the end of next month for Nightmare Festival and the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte.

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