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Favorite ThisCaptain Panic! - Holographic Universe Review

Published: April 24, 2012
By: Ty Allen

Based out of Los Angeles, the duo of Adam McKay and Michael Myers, formerly known by fans as PRIME and now Captain PANIC! have been serving up some seriously brain battering bass for just over a year now. The two started off, individually, in industrial and death metal genres, but a chance meeting at work, along with a shared passion for house and trance, would soon reallocate their talents into the world of electronic music production. Though they may have started off simply playing with equipment in their rooms, the two seasoned musicians soon pumped out their first track “Screamer,” receiving a lot of praise, and their dubstep wings were spread.
Now we are in the first half of 2012 and Captain PANIC! has been unleashing visceral tracks, shutting down venues, and systematically crafting Holographic Universe, released via the infamously bass wrecking Heavy Artillery Records. Well, it’s finally out for those who have been patiently waiting ever since PANIC! released the sampler above a few months ago, and it is nothing short of galactic endowment. From the artfully crafted, intensely cavernous sounds of songs like, “Quantum Flux” and “Perception, to the ominously sinister sounds of “Ethereal”, the EP is spine rattling throughout. If you’re new to the group, you won’t be disappointed, so long as you have a residual appreciation of distorted, bass-heavy music. Unfortunately, there is only a sample of the entire album, though more than enough to compensate, nevertheless we are pleased to bring you Captain Panic!’s Holographic Universe Ep, out on Beatport, Amazon, and Itunes. Free music is great to listen to but sadly, impossible to produce, so help support the artists and, as always, don’t forget to crank that bass!