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Favorite ThisBukez Finezt kicks off 2018 with free EP MURKYX

Published: January 11, 2018

By: Baxtak

Bukez FineztGermany's top dubstep export, Bukez Finezt lashes out the wobbles with a new free download EP, MURKYX 2018, kickstarting the year with a good ol' fashioned dose of old-school dubstep, crafted at a new school standard.

The EP is comprised of three tracks, covering an array of vibes within the genre. The first track, “Heavy Harry” focuses its expression mainly through a highly syncopated and lowly-resonating bassline, sounding like a steampunk robot version of Mike Tyson stomping on the floor of a deserted factory.

The second one, “Please Behave” ironically shouts out 'stupid' throughout the track while the dynamic high and mid frequency grooves give it an intended slapstick level of ingenuity.

Finally, the remix of HONCHO's “Editors Instinct” takes the influence of UK grime wubs and mixes it with ominous pads, and patrolling arpeggios to sonificate what anxiety probably feels like for computers.

Overall, Murkyx2018 is a rite of passage to welcome dubstep fans into 12018 Holocene Era and it is a true testament to the highly-digitalised and futuristic side of the music world at this split-second in the grand history of the cosmos. May everyone murk their inner demons this year and become their own Finezt.

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