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Favorite ThisBugbear returns with 'Ephemeral'

Published: January 3, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

BugbearEarly last month, we dropped a surprise track from unknown producer Bugbear. Now the mystery producer returns with a new package of tunes.

The Squeko/Ephemeral EP is a darker, edgier, more underground bass sound from Bugbear. Coming out the gate with hip-hop flavored, “Hola,” these new tunes are more bass-driven, brooding productions. They still pack that same hip-swiveling punch, though.

Today we premiere “Ephemeral,” which is a little rougher and more raw than its EP sibling. Masking a deep, dark, interior, the production skill and talent shines through. “Squeko” is equally moody, but there are some lighter drum patterns and effects laden in that one. There's an audio wizard lurking in the shadows.

You can snag both of these tracks for a follow on Soundcloud. Will more be revealed of this dark master in the future?

Tags: DubstepGlitchTrap