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Published: May 16, 2010

By: Cole Epley

Bobolink Music Festival 2010 – June 4-6, 2010

Belden Town Resort & Lodge – Belden, California


2010 marks the 6th annual Bobolink Music Festival, held once again at the beautiful Belden Town Resort & Lodge at Belden, California. Nestled deeply in the serene Sierra Madre mountain range of northern Cali, Bobolink once again delivers a potent lineup of electronic artists from all walks of life. Jason Hann’s and Michael Travis’ EOTO are the top draw at the 2010 festival and will be featured alongside the likes of an-ten-nae, Bay Area rockers Mother Hips, North Hollywood’s neo-soul Orgone, and Portland’s Emancipator.


The electronic acts at this year’s Bobolink make it the first of two very special events happening at the Belden Town Resort & Lodge this summer. The gates open at 11 a.m. on Friday, June 4 and you can expect the music to start promptly at 4 p.m. EOTO will cap off Main Stage festivities on Saturday night, but be prepared late Friday night at the Basscamp stage for a triple-stack of an-ten-nae, VibesquaD and Emancipator back-to-back-to-back. With Emancipator slated for a 4:30 a.m. slot, you may want to bring sunglasses to accommodate the potential rising sun…the aforementioned will share the bill with other electronic heavyweights such as David Starfire, Marty Party, ill.gates and Lynx & Janover—the full artist lineup can be found at


Tickets: Tickets to Bobolink Music Festival 2010 are currently available at the festival website. The Three-Day Pass is available for $150; please note that all on-line ticket purchases must be picked up at the will-call window and will NOT be mailed. To accommodate limited parking spaces and to encourage carpooling, all vehicles entering the festival must have a parking pass, which is $25 and also available on the website. Single VIP Tickets are available for $250 each and include: access to the VIP Lounge, Bobolink 2010 Poster, Bobolink 2010 T-Shirt and early Thursday night access to the festival grounds.

Camping: Camping and parking is included with a 3-day event pass and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. RV passes are sold out but RV VIP Packages are currently available for $700; the RVIP Package includes 2 VIP passes and a VIP RV spot with a view of the Main Stage. RVIP ticket holders may arrive Thursday night. All other campers may begin arriving at 11 a.m. on Friday morning. Note that there is an offsite parking lot complete with a shuttle to-and-fro the festival grounds, in which organizers permit cars and RVs to park.

Stages & Vendors: Bobolink 2010 features three stages of music. The Main Stage will feature artists such as EOTO, Moo-Got-2, Lynx & Janover and Asher Fulero. The Tavern Stage will feature such acts as Fulero-Lehe, Spun Monkey Patrol and Random Abiladeze. Finally, the Basscamp Stage will play host to the likes of ill.gates, David Starfire, an-ten-nae, VibesquaD and Emancipator, among others. Vendor information will be available as soon as the organizers release it.

Facilities: Bobolink Music Festival stresses the importance of acknowledging the dangers of high fire season. Please place all cigarette butts in a container rather than casting them onto the dry ground. Accordingly, no fires, fireworks or fire dancing will be allowed at the festival. To reduce the waste produced by water bottles, Bobolink organizers have taken the steps to provide water stations throughout the festival, so be sure to bring a reusable container or two. There is a full bar and restaurant on-site where you can get your grub on or take the edge off of the previous night with an ice-cold shot of Jager (or anything else you might/might not be able to stomach). Bottled water and ice will be available for purchase at the bar, but attendees are allowed to bring their own drinks (both hard and soft) with them to the festival; of course, food is also permitted to be brought onto the grounds. Neither credit/debit cards nor checks are accepted, so bring all the cash you will need for the weekend with you as the nearest ATM is about 30 miles away from the festival site. Numerous Porta-Potties will be located throughout the site along with hand-washing stations. Be advised also that Verizon is the only cellular service provider that seems to function on the grounds.

Activities: Besides enjoying the more than 40 artists on the lineup, Bobolink encourages any swimming, tubing, kayaking or canoeing (at your own risk) in the beautiful Feather River. Bicycles, unicycles, skateboards and the like are also encouraged for your recreational pleasure but there are no unauthorized motor vehicles permitted—i.e. mini-bikes, ATVs, etc. Make new friends and establish sunrise yoga groups, meditation sessions or whatever makes your heart content!

Natural Surroundings: Bobolink Music Festival 2010 takes place in the heart of the Belden Town Resort & Lodge, which finds itself situated on the serene Feather River. The famous California Zephyr trains operated by Western Pacific RR used to run through the Feather River canyon, which is right where The Big Bounce takes place. Channel your inner Beat (a la Kerouac) and try to take in the incredible views: wild grape, thick valley oak trees and old growth pine and fir varieties characterize the Plumas National Forest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Festival goers may hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, which will provide up-close views of the local flora and fauna featured in this beautifully rugged terrain—however, beware of the poison oak, which will be in full force at this time of the summer. Also note that temperatures in June in the Sierra Nevadas reach the upper 90s during the day and drop to chilly lows at night. Come prepared with proper attire and sun protection.

Sustainability: Festival organizers stress the importance of making Bobolink a ‘leave no trace’ event. The concept is pretty self-explanatory: leave the site exactly as you found it, if not cleaner than before you got there. Garbage bags will be available at the information kiosks and all festival goers are urged to utilize the provided recycling bins that will be found scattered throughout the site. Water stations will be situated within the festival grounds in an effort to reduce plastic bottle waste; Bobolink’s Green Team has also instituted the use of compostable dinner ware to avoid and discourage the use of plastics and Styrofoam. Feather River canyon, as you will find out, is a beautiful example of the majesty of the Sierra Nevada range, and organizers intend to maintain that majesty by respecting the environment and grounds upon which the festival takes place. ALL local, state and federal laws apply.

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Mother Hips
The Gaslamp Killer
LYNX & Janover
Nathan Moore
Marty Party
Big Light
Ill Gates
David Starfire
Nikki Bluhm
Montana Slim
Poor Mans Whiskey
Ten Mile Tide
Nathan Moore & The Pigflies are Dunfour
Five Eyed Hand
Anahata Sound
Hot Pink Purple
Nat Keefe of Hot Buttered Rum
Spun Monkey Patrol
Random Abiladeze
Babble Rabbit
Perpetual Drifters
Halo Refuser
Sub Addiction
who cares
Chip Chop
Satchi Om
Asher Fulero
Hot Nutz Burlesque
VisualFX by Boris

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