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Favorite ThisBOATS makes a Weird Bass splash with Squiggle EP on Saturate Records

Published: November 6, 2015

By: Christopher Conte

This weird bass thing is coming in like tsunami. Batten down the hatches, because the new Saturate Records EP, Squiggle, makes BOATS the battleship on the front lines.

Squiggle has a spooky way of displaying extraordinary talent. It starts off with an unusual combination of 80's synth and some serious 2010's low end. The sound rejuvenates this essence of freshness, of risk taking, of enlightenment that us weird bass heads love to hear.

"Dropping Out This Atmosphere" has this psychedelic, heavy, evil grin type flow. You know it bangs live. The lead synth line has the dark Cali vibe backed by some serious bass. It's difficult not to groove when this tune hits your eardrums.

I love how BOATS takes the road less traveled, exploring new reaches and utilizing curious sounds to create his style. Some of the synths are almost to the point of being creepy yet it takes an interestingly trippy turn that ends up going hard.

Squiggle invigorates this chillingly ominous vibe that slams your subwoofer with hard-hitting bass. The whole EP is a heady soundscape led by provocative synths and sounds that make it incredibly addicting.

Praise jeebus Saturate is at the helm.

Tags: GlitchHip HopTrap