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Favorite ThisBleep Bloop - 10 Watt Lazers [Out NOW on DJ Shadow's Liquid Amber]

Published: December 17, 2014

By: Christopher Conte

The first export on DJ Shadow's Liquid Amber imprint comes courtesy of frequent G Jones collaborator Bleep Bloop. If the G man is into your shit, we are, too. Now you add hip-hop royalty to the list of backers, not only are we on board, we're in the driver's seat.

10 Watt Lazers blends trends in trap with experimental computer noise. Crush them bits. The title track delivers a straight-forward knee-crackin' groove, but closer "Crushed" is avant garde for the backpack rapper set.

"Denial" is an ode to computerized head banging. The song lives up to the sentiment of his name. The main melody being a bunch of "bleep bloops" combined with clean hip hop influenced bass. It's certainly catchy and definitely bangs. If the legend, DJ Shadow is into it, you should be, too. Grab the three-tracker for free, bud.

Tags: Hip HopTrap