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Favorite ThisbioLuMigen releases 'tao' at name your own price point

Published: June 17, 2015

By: Mica D'Alesandro

BioLuMigen's Tao is a beautiful soundtrack to an amazing religion. It is perfect for a shamanist journey through consciousness. Songs like "Sage" and "10,000" will groove you into enlightenment. You will envision all the lovely surroundings of Asia; the mountains, cranes, and lilies.

BioLuMigen uses organic sounds in which they unify from all over the world.  Released back on May 17th, Tao is perfect for creating a Zen environment.  It will get you flowing like a jellyfish. This is perfect to jam to on these hot summer days ahead or if you just need to meditate. Get your ears on this!

The best thing about the EP is the pay-what-you-want price point. Why pay at all, you might ask? Well, because all proceeds go to benefit the Denver Children's Home, which is such an honorable and incredibly generous prospect.

Visit for more information.

Tags: Glitch