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Favorite ThisBilly Van to release 12 collaborative EPs in 2014

Published: January 15, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

In one of the most ambitious and, dare we say, unprecedented moves, producer Billy Van is embarking this year on a project to release 12 EPs (4 songs each) in 2014--that's one album per month. Known as a stellar dubstep and electro producer, Billy's aim is to collaborate on songs across all genres and vibes across each EP--he's talking jam bands, gospel acts, folk singers, etc.

The first EP, Convergence, will be out in the coming weeks and is done in collaboration with a film composer to create cinematic dubstep-themed "scores."  The second EP in February will include a nu-disco production collaboration.

Each release will come to fans exclusively through, and most importantly, all the music will be given away for free. Absolutely FREE. Behind-the-scenes videos will also demonstrate Van's collaborative process, showing fans exactly how each song is made. It's going to be wild.

Amateur producers, singers, and instrumentalists: be on the lookout for opportunities to get involved with this project. We're breaking down the EDM walls to make music across the spectrum for people of all interests. There are going to be chances for artists of types to get in on the action, so stay tuned.

Check out Billy Van's "remash" featuring our buddies The Main Squeeze! Gospel meets funk meets dubstep meets... Rihanna?

Billy Van