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Favorite ThisBig Gigantic: Nocturnal Review

Published: January 11, 2012

By: Jamie Reysen

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Livetronica duo Big Gigantic – comprised of Dominic Lalli (production/sax) and Jeremy Salken (drums) – released their fourth album, Nocturnal, early this morning. The 11-track medley of funky electronic tracks will have fans itching to experience the duo live, which is fitting – Big Gigantic has become famous for their live sets since they formed in 2008. Through Nocturnal, Lalli and Salken have produced a studio album that reflects the impressive in-person sound their fans have come to love.

Big Gigantic lives up to their name with this release– Nocturnal features a slew of big, gigantic sax arrangements, bass sections, and electronic builds and drops, from their first track, “The Uprising,” all the way through to the album’s final cut, “Stronger.”

The track titles on Nocturnal are perfectly named: “Rise and Shine” is the sort of song you’ll want to set as your morning alarm to guarantee a great day, while “The Heavyweight Champion” sounds like a jazzy, futuristic entrance song or victory anthem.

Title track “Nocturnal” features a blend of soulful sax, fast-paced synth, wobbly bass, and mutated vocal samples. Several other tracks call upon manipulated and looped samples that bring soul and hip-hop inspired edge to the album, from “Hopscotch” to “Beginning of the End.” The latter is fueled by catchy, high frequency beats that segue into impressive sax sections and chopped vocals, altogether creating a fun, jazzy vibe.

Overall, this release puts Lalli’s saxophone skills at center stage. “Fantastic” is one of many songs that display his expertise. This danceable track features high-energy, drum-heavy buildups that drop into upbeat synth sections and powerful, brass-fueled melodies.

“All Nighter” is another dynamic track, with electro sounds that wind up with siren-like intensity juxtaposed against more melodic, low key moments, the entirety of the track bursting with big band arrangements.

In “Eyes Closed,” synth lines race across the track’s jazzy melody, bursting into wailing sax sections as the song speeds toward the album’s climax. The last track, “Stronger,” wraps up the album, a fitting finale for Nocturnal.

The songs on Nocturnal are sure to be even better live – I’d highly recommend catching one of Big Gigantic’s upcoming tour dates. “The Nocturnal Tour” kicks off on Jan. 18 with four stops in their native Colorado and will run through March.

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