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Favorite ThisBear Creek Music Festival Pre-Party Dance Party with Zoogma

Published: November 10, 2010


Article and Photos By: Erin Slayter - The Sweaty Mouse (

Fairly new on the scene, Zoogma energizes the crowd with a seriously funktified dance party perfect to set the tone for a weekend of all out shenanigans in Live Oak, Florida. This talented group hailing from Memphis includes five guys that all play multiple instruments. Both Ryan Nall and Justin Hastings have a set of synthesizer keyboards directly infront of them while maintaining control of the guitar and bass strapped over their respective shoulders.  This set featured guest artist Myron Koch and his monster Saxaphone skills. Zoogma also travels with all the lighting technology needed to keep the energy flowing and the dance party going long past time, for this Mouse to call it a night; going to be a long weekend and the the fun is just beginning. If you're in the mood to let it all go and have a spectacular night dancing the world away, absolutely check out Zoogma next time they're in your hood!


Tags: Livetronica