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Favorite ThisBANkaJI & synthe point their 'Mindray' at our feed

Published: March 24, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

BANkaJI x syntheDenver's BANkaJI is making the rounds. Already a fixture of the Spicy Bois roster, he also runs his own collective, Make Wavs, which just had a takeover event at the Black Box in his hometown.

Now he's teaming up with synthe for a hype new tune, and the pair have more in store with each other for fans. First, the tune: “Mindray” is that wonky trap and dubstep hybrid that has just the right bounce. It's a rollicking fun tune with a righteous groove.

Now we get to the other part of their collab. The two of them, along with Lykwid, will be playing a limited capacity, full masked show in Nashville for our buddies over at Sacred Hive (known nationally for their Sound Haven festival). This limited capacity event will sell out quick, so make sure you grab yourself some tickets.

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BANkaJI x synthe

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