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Favorite ThisAvi's Crack Slippers (#2)

Published: March 8, 2012

My name is Avi Gallant, and I am a partner at

We’re in a period of huge creative growth for electronic music producers. Given limited resources, we create and publish complete reviews for only a small percentage of these releases. As a result, I fear that incredible music and even straight up masterpieces “slip through the cracks” every day.

Each week, I will select some of my favorites. I’m busy holding down the fort, so no written reviews in this column. Just music--100% music--it’s all about the music. Got it?

Without further ado, I present to you Avi’s Crack Slippers (#2):

Energy Alchemist - Purple Submarine

Captain Panic! (Multiple Tracks)

Gareth Emery - Tokyo (K Theory Remix)

ill-Mannered"Just The Tip" - A Brief Teaser Of New Music

Excision - Brutal

And don't forget to check out last weeks edition, Crack Slippers (#1).

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