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Favorite ThisArkasia - Epilogue

Published: December 2, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Arkasia is back with an all new EP due out December 17th via Heavy Artillery. With a background in classical performance and composition, as well as roots in speed metal (and a fan of Meshuggah, to boot), Arkasia's cinematic style of dubstep is easily recognizable. Grandiose drops fed with orchestral harmonies sound the fanfare of the crushing percussive assault. This teaser of the album gives us just a taste of the towering sound sure to be packed into every morsel of this album. Little bit of hubbub on the interwebs involving a couple of shots across the bow of Arkasia and another artist, but ignore the rumors and the salacious rumors--it's all about the music. Epilogue is just the beginning, despite what the name might suggest.