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Favorite ThisAplsoz launches new banger 'Blast Off'

Published: September 6, 2017

Story by: Ellie Salrin

Photo by: Alejandro Diego

AplsozWe’re currently enjoying a fresh space bass banger by Aplsoz. Kansas City-based producer, Cody Bones has been flying his spaceship on our radar, especially after he graced The Untz Festival with the ThazDope Records crew this summer. We were captivated by his energy and flow, and we saw the spark that makes a good artist great over time.

Aplsoz brings the celestial heat with his latest release—a flavorful microcosm of thick beats, gooey glitches, and just the right amount of far out, spacey sounds. Bones knows how to ride that line between beauty and beast mode with an exceptional ear for what makes bass fans tick these days.

Keep an eye out for this burgeoning underground boss and his multitude of shows and festivals. In the meantime, sit back, turn up, and “Blast Off.”

Tags: Dubstep