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Favorite ThisAn-ten-nae's 'Transmissions' defies the written word [Muti Music]

Published: February 6, 2015

By: Joshua Davis

From the shadows of acid crunk comes Transmissions, An-ten-nae’s new album that really packs some heat. The album, as a whole, is psychedelic fire. There isn’t a handful of select adjectives or similes that I can use that would do this album justice; it’s all over the place in regards to the vibes and atmosphere it creates around you as you listen.

In the utmost respect, the album is chill and entices creativity. In a sense, it opens the doors of your mind and sets you on a particular path to get things done. It flows seamlessly from track to track without abrupt drops and basslines that invigorate your pulse. Instead, it keeps you going at a very steady pace, which is indeed nice for a change. Some may look at it as that being a negative, but it’s actually the complete opposite.

Everyone is so focused on releasing the most hyped up tracks for ragers… but Transmissions is quite versatile. The bass is heavy enough to keep your senses keen, especially with efficient headphones, but the balance amongst the instrumentals used throughout really sets it off to be unique (specifically “Eastern Flu”). Vocals, when utilized, add a perfect element of suspense and suspicion—a prime example of this is “Afterglow.”

Transmissions, can be purchased for a measly $9 for all 13 included tracks and it’s worth every bit. Check out two singles from the new album on An-ten-nae’s SoundCloud, “The Key” and “Body Of Ember” featuring epic string work from HANNAH, to get a taste of what else the album can bring forth to your temporal lobe. I guarantee you’ll be intrigued. 

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