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Favorite ThisAmparø delivers chill wonder 'We Only Hang Out In My Dreams'

Published: January 10, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

AmparøThere's something about visual artists and producing electronica on the chiller side. Perhaps it is because as designers or photographers or both, as is the case with Tycho's Scott Hansen, there's so much patience and preparation—waiting for that perfect shot, or the hours spent hunched over a computer adjusting pixel after pixel. There's a complicated, consistent persistence in those fields, and it's maybe a thought that the musical output that flows from these types lives in that same world of lush, beautiful orchestration and delicate builds and harmonies.

Amparø, a photographer based in Arizona, does everything in her power not to crush my nascent theory. Her new tune, “We Only Hang Out In My Dreams,” is a dreamy number that cautiously adds layer after layer of light, melodic elements upon a cozy, crisp frame. It's powerful in its simplicity, and soothing in execution. A newcomer to our radar, we're excited to hear more from a unique sonic vantage.

Tags: Downtempo