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Favorite ThisAlpha Data: ADHD Review

Published: June 18, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

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If you closely follow the music posted on The Untz, then you’ve noticed that we post pretty much anything James Ristvedt aka Alpha Data drops—and for good reason.

The brash young producer out of Minneapolis has been steadily gaining a following this past year as he continues to improve at an astounding rate, with a slew of phenomenal releases already under his belt. He is best known for unleashing charismatic, glitched out tracks that contain an unlimited supply of bass and funky rhythms, while striking up an exciting balance between overly heavy and uniquely melodic. This potent combination has gotten Ristvedt to where he is as an artist today, and can be experienced on synth smackin’ original tracks like the ones off his critically acclaimed debut release Nefertiti, and on bold switch ups of classic tracks from artists like Muse, 2pac, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
On his ADHD EP, we witness Alpha Data continue his impressive progression with a series of mind blowing tracks that contain edgy transitions and relentless instrumentations.
Opening up the release is the title track, which is a quick-paced tune that opens up with out of this world synth notes that will immediately entrance any listener as they are sucked into a vivid picture painted by Alpha Data’s eerie soundwaves. This track will quickly prove to anyone tuned in that Ristvedt is progressing at an astounding rate, as he continues to hone in on his hyphy style of bass music.
“I Enter You Enter I” is a classic Alpha Data song that strikes its listener’s mind with soothing piano chords that pave the way towards a relentless drop filled with bouncy drum hits and tenacious vocal samples. Each section of the track contains its own unique feel, which helps the music flow from start to finish while avoiding a repetitive nature.
“Dayum” contains ferocious synth lines and ample dub whomps, while possessing a heavy yet danceable feel that will have any dance floor going wild from the second this song drops.
ADHD is another exciting release from an artist who is working hard to achieve domination in his respective scene, and will stop at nothing to do it.    

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