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Favorite ThisAllies for Everyone - Supernatural

Published: July 9, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
As new sounds from the coasts filter inwards, criss-crossing a country now looking beyond bold bass work and rip-your-face-off drops, lush house and synth-pop acts are getting more and more attention from sophisticated ears looking for what's next. Where their contemporaries rely on party tricks and flashy production techniques, Brooklyn duo Allies for Everyone has been utilizing gorgeous synth work and subtle melodies to evoke deeper meaning from their tracks. DJ Brian Suarez has been crafting deep house reminiscent of Euro and 80s' star power, but with a heart and progressive attitude that gives the new Scavenger EP a definite sense of "now." Partnering up with Arvin Ajamian, who triggers samples and adds live percussion for the stage show, Suarez is part of a growing group of indie DJs taking a stand for cerebral dance music. Allies for Everyone will be releasing Scavenger via Kid Recordings tomorrow (July 10th), and celebrating the 4-track EP the following night, July 11th, at Le Baron in NYC.