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Favorite ThisAlexander Supertrill thrills us with chill

Published: April 9, 2014
By: Connor Alcock

Alexander Supertrill is a new face in the steadily growing music scene of Knoxville, Tennessee. Working together with Atlanta-based Shuurin, "Now That You've Found It" is a good illustration of the future music stylings that are increasing in popularity; downtempo sexiness that utilizes mellow and minimalist beats.

Gently flowing melodies caress your ears much like the falling raindrops during the interlude of the track. There are some trap influences and 808s sprinkled throughout, but this is a turned-down tune. These guys specialize in keeping it chill as well as trill.

This subtle song is not one for the party, this is a song for the sunrise after the afterparty. We found it alright, and we didn't have to trek through the wilderness of Alaska in the process. Be on the lookout for new releases soon through Forward Thinking Sounds and Underneath the Beats, and as the man himself would say, stay trill... bb.

Tags: DowntempoGlitchHouse