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Favorite ThisAggie Theatre Preview

Published: April 11, 2010


The Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, CO has been in operation for 103 years, and is becoming one of the best local spots in northern Colorado to see electronic shows.  With a smaller capacity than most venues in the area, the Aggie is notorious for it stellar light displays and heart-pounding bass, in a more intimate setting.  For the past couple years, they have been catering to the needs of up and coming electronic artists with numerous free shows; as well as bringing big names through northern Colorado, including Pretty Lights, STS9, EOTO, Savoy, and more.  With two bars and three levels of dancing room, the Aggie is making a name for itself in a world of people who love to be UNTZED. On April 15th, Lotus and Beats Antique will be headlining, and on April 22nd, Shpongle will be headlining with special guests Prometheus and Kaido.

Lotus, the five-piece group from the Midwest, has played just about every festival imaginable and has been touring for about 10 years now. April 15th at the Aggie will be their second stop on a four night run in Colorado.  They are infamous for their ability to perform a variety of genres from jam to jazz to livetronica.  Their use of improvisation combined with intricate light set ups create an extremely high-energy event every time they perform. Lotus at the Aggie theatre promises to be an enlightening experience, especially with Beats Antique playing alongside them.

The west coast based trio of Beats Antique consists of both Sidecar Tommy and David Satori playing a mixture of live drums, world instruments, and heavy beats; with Zoe Jakes dancing and enchanting the crowd with her famous belly dancing.   Lotus and Beats Antique on April 15th at the Aggie will be a Conscious Alliance event, and will be accepting non-perishable food items.  David Hale has created a limited edition work of art that will be free to all patrons who bring 10 or more non-perishable food items.  Alliance volunteers will be stationed outside of the Aggie entrance, trading poster redemption vouchers for donations.  The poster will also be available for a monetary donation.

Shpongle on April 22nd will be a DJ set by Simon Posford, and promises to be a very visually stimulating and unforgettable show.  Shpongle can be described as psychedelic disorientation composed of world sounds and electronic elements.  Both Shpongle and Prometheus are signed to Twisted Music label, based mainly out of the UK.  Prometheus is an internationally renowned producer and electronic artist.

There will be visuals done by Zebbler, a world famous video DJ who is accompanying Shpongle on the spring tour.  Zebbler is famous for his abstraction of images, and his ability to play them live with the beat of the music.  There will also be performances by ArcheDream for Humankind, an international black light mask and dance Theatre Company.  They will be dancing, contact juggling, and wearing extremely unique costumes.

Both shows are guaranteed to be an intimate experience, with over five hours of dancing, live performances, and talented musical acts.

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