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Favorite ThisAbstrakt Sonance takes on TRUTH for DDD XMAS 2020 Remixes

Published: December 16, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

DDD XMAS 2020TRUTH have always been in early on innovation. Probably because Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez have to maintain a creative relationship from halfway around the world and vastly different time zones. The guys have been streaming live sets long before the pandemic struck, and have been extremely cutting-edge with the way their run their Deep, Dark & Dangerous label; from the way they handle merch to their release strategy.

Every holiday season, the boys lineup DDD's favorite tracks to be remixes by some of DDD's hottest rising stars (and old standbys). This year is no exception. Taiko is remixing Ternion Sound. Khanum remixes The Widdler & Pushloop. City1 remixes ColtCuts. ColtCuts turns around and remixes Ternion. It's a big happy family.

To that end, Canada's finest export, Abstrakt Sonance, takes on “Psychological” by the bosses, themselves. Recently released on their Neptune EP, and featuring Lelijveld on vocals, Abstrakt goes liquid DnB on the remix and completely subverts all expectations. Speaking of staying cutting-edge, AS was just on TRUTH's new live stream chat show (alongside Dalek One, who is also remixed on the album), in addition to releasing his towering album, Ishtar on DDD earlier this year.

In keeping with staying abreast of new label philosophies, TRUTH adopted the subscription model for its label. Subscribers to Deep, Dark & Dangerous get three new tunes per month, and they'll be the only ones able to download this Xmas 2020 album. The rest of us schmucks will only be able to stream it on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music on December 23. Now's the best time to get on board, or better yet, gift a sub for the holidays.

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