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Favorite ThisABAKUS - Tokyo Express [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: April 1, 2014
By: Steve Walter

Deep house is spreading like a virus in the United States, with exposure to artists like Disclosure creating an instant contagion amongst the highbrow heads. The smooth, yet complex melodies, and the ambient vibes through both vocals and instrumentations has fans digging all around the world.

Now, one of our favorite producers has set his sights on the burgeoning field. Russ Davies wants nothing more than to spark the imagination, whether producing under his own name, Cinnamon Chasers, or his most well known ABAKUS moniker. Davies’ newest album, Tokyo Express, slated for an April 7th release date, marks a new chapter in his sound.

Opener “The Lights” gives you the sensation of late night cruising in Miami. As the melody progresses, the mood does, too. What begins as a calm setup builds into this heightened state of curiosity, having you ask yourself, “What’s about to come next?” The answer is “Tokyo Express,” the title track of the album, and today’s exclusive premiere.

Now you feel like you’re getting down to business. The pace quickens as we find ourselves submerged in a swirl of sounds that is, in a way, the essence of deep house. “Telepathy” follows suit and keeps with the feel of the album. While both enticing and scintillating, it keeps you hungry for more. “5 AM” reminds me of a track that plays at the point of the night when you begin questioning your decisions, and just how much longer you can make it. Then all of a sudden you’re listening to this track and you feel rejuvenated, ready for more. Davies adds vocals in the final track, “Since I Was Young.” Again we feel that full spectrum of emotions and melodies, and we’re putty in Davies’ hands.

Russ Davies will be announcing his 2014 spring/summer tour shortly. We can expect him to make his presence felt when he does. With the ever-growing intrigue into Deep House, Russ Davies is sure to be a large part of that scene.