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Favorite ThisABAKUS: Futurism (Part 1) Review

Published: May 7, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

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Russ Davies has a lot going on for him. He produces synthetic soundcapes under the moniker Cinnamon Chasers, which solidified him the top video spot at SXSW in 2010 with the song “Luv Deluxe,” and releases music with his father, who happens be Dave Davies of seminal British rock act The Kinks.

Davies also develops eccentric musical landmines under the name Abakus, and seems to be blowing up every single track he releases upon the world. The London based producer tends to create harmonious instrumentations that will quickly send its listeners on a mind opening, unconscious journey propelled by definitive crescendos and limitless drum patterns. He has shown this mystical craftsmanship on powerful releases like Beyond the Fields, Prisms, and We Share the Same Dreams, which all tell magical bass filled stories.

On Futurism (Part 1), Davies takes his musical creations to a whole new level on an immersive release that will instantly captivate the soul of anyone tuned in.

Opening up the release is “Abtech,” which features an unlimited supply of low bass tones that bounce their way through crowd pleasing vocal samples and tumultuous snare hits.

“Obnox” is a rhythmic gem that contains light, dubbed out soundwaves patterned perfectly in-between effervescent synth grooves, while “On Film” is a funky and psychedelic cut that features an emotive atmosphere and nostalgic vibe to it. The glitched out and rambunctious vibe of “Phantom” will wake the minds of its listeners, but more importantly gives fans a glimpse of the new glitch-hop mind frame of the Abakus sound.

The most direct indication of Davies’ new focus is “Lazerbass,” a track purposefully targeted at the new bass culture. This doesn’t seem like a pandering move, as the trajectory feels calculated from the start. Abakus is simply propelling his sound in brand new directions.

Futurism (Pt 1) is a marvelous set of songs that are, at once, immensely peaceful and striking to the ears.

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