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Favorite This5AM remixes Spaceship Earth for Transcendent Tunes

Published: February 9, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Transcendent Tunes is expanding its reach amongst the up-and-coming psychedelic bass music community. On February 22, the the indie label drops a handful of new talent into the pool with the Spaceship Earth remix album, Interdimensional Passport Remixed featuring a boatload of new names (to the uninitiated). Amongst the talent on the remix album you'll find remixes from Antandra, Kalling, and Ascentient, but fans of The Untz might already be on board. What can we say? We're ahead of the curve.

The track we chose to premiere from this bunch comes from Sam Andrus, better known as 5AM. He takes the beautiful guitar work of Ashton Robertson (San Diego's Spaceship Earth), and makes it positively shimmer on the “Space is the Place” remix. There is such a harmonic balance of light and dark on this track, that it demonstrates Andrus' proficiency so well, while intriguing the listener about the original, which I think makes a good remix. Like I said there's a dazzling array of solid talent on this record, and we're exciting for its release later this month.

Pre-order the Spaceship Earth remix album Interdimensional Passport Remixed

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