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Favorite This20 in 30: Hicks, Guns, and Trucks

Published: September 8, 2011

Tobacco chewin', pianny playin', whiskey snortin', and truck drivin'... all the things associated with the rave scene. You know what we're talking about. From the moonshine-addled mind of Frank Heiss comes The Hick Step Massive, the imagined collaboration between Madlib and Merle Haggard, or J. Dilla and J. Cash, if you will. This fun blend of hip-hop and hog-slop brings a sense of frivolity and fun to the waning days of summer.

"Gun Racks and Pickup Trucks" has that classic hip-hop backbeat. Soothing and simple, it carries the listener through bouncy hayrides on dusty trails as that banjo kicks in. Saloon-style keys underscore a nice, little verse or two. All the while, brilliant pedal steel samples soar, dance, and groove. Yeehaw!

The Hick Step Massive - Gun Racks and Pickup Trucks