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Favorite This20 in 30: GRiZ Gets 'ill'

Published: August 31, 2011

GRiZWhen Untz senior contributor Natty Morrison's phone was actually working at this year's Blastoff festival in central Ohio, he spent its last remaining bars tweeting about Grant Kwiecinski. His thoughts? "Glad I came to see the GRiZ set. Easily the best set of the fest..." High praise from an event that hosted the likes of Tipper, MiM0SA, Heyoka, Nosaj Thing, and other heavy-hitters. The sax-playing producer from East Lansing was hitting stage after stage, running around with his Grassroots Collective, throwing down impromptu sets with fellow Michiganite Freddy Todd, and jamming with his guitarist Muzzy. This young producer is busting down the doors of "genre," and throwing out non-stop party-bangers that would be as much at home on Pretty Lights Music as Muti. Already snapped up by Daly City, this young producer is on the verge of a major breakthrough. Not only in his career, but in the sound of the times.

Kwiecinski shows off his ability to blend soul, funk, and hip-hop with slamming 'step on any tune he writes, but to the pinnacle of his abilities (thus far) with "iLL Type Moves." 2011 Digital Music Sampler was just strolling along, minding it's own business, when it got slammed at the lucky 13 spot. GRiZ lays in the cut during the intro, letting some old-school breaks ease us in, but as soon as the track gets ripping, the listener is hit with a hundred different samples--far too many to count. You'll know 'em when you hear 'em. Between all the funky clips, reminiscent of the aforementioned PLM crew (most closely Gramatik, which his pure dedication to that upbeat hip-hop swagger), there are some devastating drops. As you get deeper in the track, the hits keep coming, and the "roughneck" kicks your butt. Jump on it!

GRiZ - iLL Type Moves

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