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Favorite This10 Reasons to go see Excision in Knoxville March 5

Published: February 28, 2014
By: Andrea Kerns

Not that you need ten reasons to go see Excision with Dirtyphonics and ill.Gates at Old City Courtyard in Knoxville, TN on March 5th, but we had fun with this list anyway.
  1. 1. It's outdoors
    Midnight Voyage Productions was faced with the dilemma of either canceling the Excision show in 2013 when finding out the Executioner wouldn't fit on stage, or move it to The Old City Courtyard: a space holding about 2000 people in the heart of Knoxville's Old City with a permanent stage.  On March 6th.  And yes, it snowed.  And it was 31 degrees.
    We went with the latter.
  2. 2. It's The Old City Courtyard
    This was the biggest production this stage has ever seen and shook The Old City something fierce.  We have the cracks to prove it. 
  3. 3. 150,000 Watts Of Bass
    Doing this show outside eliminates the risk of the roof coming down but increases the chances of sinkholes exponentially.  The Old City's claim to fame is history, which translates into ''old buildings".  Add 150,000 Watts and say yer prayers.  (Ever read "Bassnectar by numbers"?) 
  4. 4. The lineup:
    Dirtyphonics & ill.Gates.  'nuff said. 
  5. 5. The Neighbors
    50% chance of girls dancing topless in their livingroom windows vs 50% chance of noise complaints from neighboring businesses.  
    We do have an evacuation plan in place and will book hotel rooms for those residents who who can't handle it, far away from the epicenter. 
  6. 6. You
    1,500 fans on a Wednesday night, from far and near, bracing the elements: 
    Fire, Ice, Bass. That's how we do it in Knoxville. You guys are crazy, you bring your nastiest bass faces, and you go hard on a Hump Day. Heads up, Knoxville employers, NO ONE is coming in to work on Thursday. Sorry 'bout it.
  7. 7. Rexcision
    We have one.
  8. 8. Excision
    Jeff had a blast last year, so he is down to do this again, outdoors. Y'all know where he is from right?  Maybe we started a tradition here.... in which case:
    make history with us!
  9. 9. The weather
    Did we say it was 31 degrees and it snowed last year?
  10. 10. The other stuff:
    Midnight Voyage doesn't just put on a show, we create a circus:
    Vendors, Live Painters, Performances, glow stick toss and Fire Spinners make our shows just a little more special in this here little town that could ;) 
    This Excision's 5th year in Knoxville for a reason. 
  11. 11. The AfterParty (Bonus Reason)
    Right across the street, at NV with Love And Light! 
    That's where we go til the wee hours!


Presented by Midnight Voyage Productions & 90.3 The Rock 

!!! Rain Or Shine Event!!!
Tickets available online at

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Old City Courtyard | 120 E Jackson Ave | Knoxville TN 

Excision -
Dirtyphonics -
ill.Gates -

$20 Early Bird | $25 Adv | $30 Day Of Show | $50 VIP | 
$70 VIP Excision+VIP AfterParty w/Love & Light @NV (18+) 

Each VIP ticket includes:
- Access to exclusive viewing areas
- Access to private VIP restrooms
- Access to exclusive lounge
- A special gift!

All Ages | 5 PM Doors!

Please bring a state issued valid photo ID! 
If you do not have an ID, you will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian. 

AfterParty details
Presented by Midnight Voyage Productions & 90.3 The Rock 
Tickets available online at
Love and Light
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
NV, 125 E Jackson Ave | Knoxville TN 
$8 Adv | $10 Day Of Show | $ 20 VIP 
$33 Excision + AfterParty
$70 Excision VIP + AfterParty VIP 
$3 Surcharge For Patrons Under 21
18+ | 9 PM
Please bring a state issued valid photo ID! 

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