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XYLEM featuring KiloWatts


When: -

Where: The Whiskey Bar - Portland (1135 S.W. Washington St., Portland, OR)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepGlitchHip Hop


$ 12.00
Sprout Productions is delighted to present the December episode of XYLEM, a visionary electronic music event.The lineup this month includes musical wizardry from Philadelpha,New York,Los Angeles, and of course PDX! As always, there will be LiveArt,Vending,Projected Visuals, and wonderful eclectic community. We are so stoked about this one!



@ The Whiskey Bar

31 NW 1st Ave.

Portland, OR 97209

Doors at 9pm..Music starts at 10pm ends at 2:30am

21+ with ID $12 at door

Artist Info and Music Links:

-----KiloWatts--------Philadelphia PA--------

James Watts boasts an impressive and expansive discography of styles and collaborations that dates back to the early 90s demoscene and has steadily progressed forward towards making some of the most influential electronic albums to date. Having worked with some of the greatest minds in the industry, including Bluetech, Bil Bless, Tanner Ross, Peter Van Ewijk, and labels Native State Records, Mothership, Dependent, and Thoughtless Music, he has greeted the challenges in the music business with inspired optimism, smiles, and an infectious easy going attitude. In 2009, he played an extensive tour schedule in cities all over the US and Canada. In the same year we saw his 6th solo album ‘Undercurrent’, the debut Voodeux album ‘The Paranormal’, and the 2nd KiloWatts & Vanek album ‘Focus & Flow’. It’s fair to say the man lives and breathes electronic music.

His work embraces the bulk of electronic genres, including breaks, IDM, techno, and downtempo. His albums on Artificial Music Machine that are full of visionary dimensions, fusing together a dexterous knowledge of sound synthesis, deep emotional articulation, and solid melodic intuition. Peppered throughout these monumental statements are releases with class labels such as Somnia, Thoughtless Music, and his own outlet, KiloWatts Music, that celebrate his adept technical expertise, often bringing a whirlwind of digital wizardry in the form of glitches and edits. The list of projects and collaborations continues to grow, but some of the highlights are: Skeetaz, with breakbeat cohort Bil Bless brings hard-hitting digital glitched-out psychedelic funk. His collaboration with singer Peter Van Ewijk is a mystical ride with vocals and guitar, nested atop edgy electronica. With Tanner Ross, an eerie style of dark techno is born under the name Voodeux for Dirtybird’s techno sublabel Mothership. Fellow Philadelphian MC Amagine delivers consciousness-driven motifs in their digital glitch-hop project called Super Galactic Expansive.

------GLADKILL------2am Audio/New York,NY---------

Siberian born, New York raised producer and musician Boris G has been writing and performing as Gladkill since 2007. Drawing from years of musical experimenting with many genres and instruments, Gladkill combines several elements of electronic music to craft his signature sound. Gladkill can best be described as a combination of melodic IDM hip hop fused with bass-heavy rhythms reminiscent of the "Acid Crunk" and Dubstep sound. Gladkill has been seen performing with such Electronic acts as R/D, Eprom, Mux Mool, Martyparty, Mimosa, Lazer Sword, and others. "Everything inspires me. Silence is my canvas. Follow, listen, enjoy, share."

------SCUZZY-----Rowdy Crowd/Los Angeles, CA--------

Scuzzy’s take on electronica is not limited to a particular genre, as he explores the meeting points of hip hop, downtempo, dubstep, breaks, and jungle. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s all psychedelic rave music – I’m interested in anything that moves the body and stretches the mind, as well as the downtempo stuff that you’d want to chill to at the end of the night.” His live performances are an important part of his expression, and he insists on remixing, glitching, and dubbing his tracks out live, even incoporating live vocals and instrumentation when possible. He can often be seen rocking his sound out with the All-One Ark, working with the Hoodlums of Eternal Love to bring organic soap foam goodness to the masses.

Scuzzy started making electronic music as part of Boston's Toneburst Collective, the crew that incubated other forward thinkers like DJ C and DJ /rupture. Upon returning to his hometown of Los Angeles, he formed Fosforo with his high school pals, a band that has consistently pioneered live electronic techniques. Recently Scuzzy has re-emerged with solo works, making glitchy whompy dub hop for the soul.

-----EXODUB--Ragz 2 Muffinz,InterpanetaryBassMovement/PDX

LiveArt and Vending to be announced soon!

more info also TBA