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= WALKABOUT = feat Tom Cosm, Kalya Scintilla & Merkaba


When: -

Where: The Cocoon (LIVNLUV, Seattle, WA)

Minimum Age: 16+

Type: Indoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Soulstice Seattle

Genres: BreaksDubstepLivetronicaPsytranceTechno

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Soulstice Seattle & Pranagraphic Present:

.. = WALKABOUT = ..

Friday, Sept. 9 /////\\\\\ Workshop 7pm - 8:30pm \\\\\///// Music 9pm - 8am /////\\\\\ The Cocoon - SODO, Seattle

Fresh live dub, worldbeat, psychedelic breaks, dubstep, glitch, progressive, psytrance, house and techno sounds from down under!


TOM COSM - [LIVE] - New Zealand - Psychedelic Dub, Dubstep, Breaks, Techno, Progressive, and more!

Hi! My name is Tom Cosm and I am an electronic musician from New Zealand. I write, teach and perform various types of electronic music around the world, using the internet as my home base. I like to keep my project as open as possible, and offer all my music for free to anyone who wants it.

If you are interested in what I am doing, get on board! head over to to get started, it's easy.​osm

KALYA SCINTILLA - [LIVE] - Australia - Up Records - Ethno crunk and temple-step!

Kalya Scintilla is Yaegon Lamagier, a benevolent being incarnate from the star system womp. Drawing inspiration from Nature, Love, tribal energy, healing, sacred geometry, and many other of life's wonders. Yaegon's music is quite unique in style and is definitely an interesting cross over between Dubstep/Glitch Hop, the seductive sound of the Middle East, and traditional Gypsy. His first EP "InLakesh" has been given a warm welcome the world over, and sits near the pinnacle of's 2010 yearly chart.

Dripping molasses over a fractal tabla, a journey through an enchanted forest, the soundtrack to an epic dream scape. A successful attempt to resonate the heavens and earth channeled through sound waves.​​ascintilla

MERKABA - [LIVE] - Australia - Zenon Records - Minimal Progressive Psy

From a star system many light years away comes Merkaba, a forward thinking and inspiring light being incarnated into human form in Australia. Drawing musical influence from fusion jazz, funk, dub step, techno and break beat, Merkaba skilfully combines these to create his own style of psychedelic progressive trance and an epic dance floor journey of healing and awakening.

Within realms of twisted delicacy and complexity, spiced and layered with a colour wheel of bold structures. The leading influence of the music dynamically spearheads along a forward-moving groove, and there is so much space between the notes that the invitation to internally engage is simply irresistible.

For all the richness in the sound, it is profoundly spare, as well as jam packed with mindful content.

Merkaba's unique and organic sound challenges us to awaken to the forgotten ancient tribal spirit hidden in our cellular memory and to the infinite power in all of us.



Local support by:

BERT & CHEWY - SEA - Starborne - Techno​nchewy

ILLUMINESSENCE - SEA - Soulstice - Psydub, Psybreaks, Progressive​minessenc

CTRL+ALT+DLT - SEA - Sweatbox - Minimal Techno​0to...ession-vol-032

CITTA FLOW - LIVE - SEA - Citta Gatherings - Tribal Downtempo/Dub​a-flow

MURDOC - SEA - Mindshift / Condiment - Techno, Deep House​shi...gunpl​ay

FINITY - SEA - Soulstice - World Groove/Dub

NEURAL NET - BHAM - Pranagraphic / Boogie Universal - Minimal Techno​alnet/neural-net-chowderne​t


Blacklight-reactive face & body paint stand

Fire spinning out-back by Locust Fire Conclave

Juice, water & energy bar

Ableton Live workshop with Tom Cosm at 8pm. A rare chance to learn from one of the world's top-notch Ableton instructors!

The inspiration for this event is Australia-Oceania & the Aboriginal Dreamtime! Dance with us as we “walkabout” and ride the rhythyms into the unknown, allowing the truth to unfold! The moment has arrived to dance and flow in the new paradigm of creative bliss....

Costumes Encouraged!

Think tribal, shamanic, explorer, island, crocodile hunter, tropical, psychedelic, spirit, outback, beach, summer, desert & Australian animal costumes. Body paint artists will be available if you would prefer to come as a canvas.

It is also oolong's 23rd birthday celebration!




Change for refreshments, tips for lovely staff and fire dancers

Postive Vibes







Ableton Live Workshop with Tom Cosm from 7:00 - 8:30

This workshop will start with an overview of Ableton Live and its core features - from producing and synthesizing your own sounds to performing these creations live with a laptop.

The first half will be oriented more towards beginners and producers/DJs who are interested about learning more of Ableton Live's unique features.

The second half of the workshop will feature some interesting techniques and tips that Tom has developed and personally uses in his own live sets to show the full capabilities of the software.

Questions are always encouraged at the end -making the final 30 minutes a great mix of new and innovative ideas. Participants in the workshop are also invited to join Tom's personal website where they receive a free pro membership giving them access to gigabytes of HD tutorial videos and Ableton Live project files!


Event and workshop: $20 ($15 limited early bird tix)

You must buy event ticket to attend workshop!

Workshop starts at 7pm sharp!

Music starts at 9pm....

LIMITED $15 Early Bird Tickets available at

Event brought to you by:

Soulstice Seattle (


Pranagraphic (

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