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VibeSquaD @ The Kinetic Playground


When: -

Where: The Kinetic Playground (1113 W. Lawrence, Chicago, IL)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: BreaksElectro

It's Real Music, and The Kinetic Playground Present!
^*^*VIBESQUAD*^*^ (Psychedelic/IDM/Crunk)
^*^*SAVOY*^*^ (Live Electro/Dub/Hard Electro)
^*^*PREPSCHOOL*^*^ (Live Electro/Electro/DiscoHouse)
^*^*THE COOP*^*^ (Live Electronics/Fusion/Dub)
^*^*DIDGY SLACKER*^*^ (Trip Hop/Psychedelic/Glitch)
Doors: 8:00PM
Music: 9:00PM
Additional Information:
VibeSquaD is the multi-personality brainchild of Aaron Holstein.
VibeSquaD Recordings proudly announces the release of "Dawn Patrol" aaron holstein's 2nd full length VibeSquaD album of 2008!!! get it now at
VibeSquaD’s 1st full length release “Bass Love” (2008) is out now. 11 full-figured tracks calibrated to make things happen. (this album bumps-check it) Available at
In 2007 aaron released tracks on NativeState, Proboscis, Interchill, Muti, and Sonic Dragon (Hong Kong). Both 2007 EPs "Return of The Pudding People" & "Songs to Accompany Dance Move: The Worm" are also available at:
Though his legendary live sets may cause whiplash and heart attacks in the unsuspecting bystander, those prepared to launch get much more than they bargained for. Aaron's music defies typical genre-labels and covers tempos from slow 'n hard lowriding krunkadelics to mid-tempo barnstormers all in a seamlessly flowing soulful mash- dirty and beautiful as life itself.
Aaron also plays bass/keys for the bands ZILLA (w/ Michael Travis & Jamie Janover) & SPORQUE (w/Ooah & Jamie Janover)