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When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Promoters: Rebel Bass Collective

Genres: BreaksDubstepGlitchHouseTechno

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$ 200.00

$ 175.00

Rebel Bass Collective presents: VAIKHARI ..."Audible Thought" 3 days of Music, Camping, & Art - 3 stages, 69 DJ's, Live Bands! - ORGANIC CAFE - 24 HOUR COFFEE SHOP! - VENDING - CLASSES - WORKSHOPS - YOGA - Included in ticket price: access to POOL, HOT TUB , OUTDOOR SHOWERS, etc. - Optional amenities: PRIVATE CABINS, CAR PASSES(limited), and RV PASSES(extremely limited) see below... Presented by Rebel Bass Collective: RBC has brought you the Purgatory Cruiser, The Bassment, Bumpin Buddha, Neuroweapon, and The Big Bounce 2009. Join Rebel Bass Collective as they unveil their next brainchild... VAIKHARI. Located at a BEAUTIFUL, lush, secluded 260 acre venue in Northern California just 2 1/2 hours North of San Francisco, 3 hours South of Arcata, and 2 hours West of Sacramento. CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, TEACHINGS: Itchie Fingaz - Live DJ/VJ Workshop (Serato Scratch Live Hardware/Software) Duan Williams Lorien - Daily Yoga Classes TRIBAL MYSTICS - Daily Belly Dancing Workshops Mehndi Mama - Quantum Mehndi Therapy Susie Kidd - Pilates Classes Susie Kidd - Hip Hop Dance Classes More TBA... MUSICAL LINEUP: MARTY PARTY (of Pantyraid) - (Marine Parade) - http://soundcloud.com/martypartymusic AN-TEN-NAE - (Muti Music) - http://www.myspace.com/antennae DOV - (Muti Music) - http://soundcloud.com/dov DAVID STARFIRE (live) - (Six Degrees Records) - http://soundcloud.com/davidstarfire GOVINDA - (RBC) - http://www.govindamusic.com/index.php?content=music SIREN - (2am Audio, RBC) - http://soundcloud.com/siren-music VIRTUAL BOY - (1320 Records) - http://soundcloud.com/virtualboy MR. ROGERS - (Ooze System/Symbiosis Artists) - http://soundcloud.com/mr-rogers QUADE (live) - (Ball of Waxx Records) - http://soundcloud.com/quade MOCHIPET - (Daly City Records) - http://soundcloud.com/mochipet BLACK ROCK CITY ALLSTARS - (RBC) - http://www.blackrockcityallstars.com/ ERIC JAMES (live) - (ETI, Dogfight) - http://www.etimusic.com/ RIBOTTO - (RBC) - http://soundcloud.com/ribotto Ill-Esha - http://soundcloud.com/ill-esha/ Bass Cadet (Purgatory Cruiser) - http://soundcloud.com/bass-cadet Porkchop - (RBC) - http://soundcloud.com/preacherporkchop Adnan - (Foward SF) - http://soundcloud.com/djadnan DJ Laura - http://www.myspace.com/DJLAURA TdUb - (RBC) - http://soundcloud.com/rbc Sonic Valium (live band) - http://www.myspace.com/sonicvalium Tornado Rider (live band) - http://www.tornadoriderband.com/ BLVD Park (live band) - http://www.blvdpark.info/ Chris Sia - (APT) - http://www.myspace.com/chrissiamusic Kitty-D - (beat church, RBC) - http://soundcloud.com/kitty-d Audiovoid - http://soundcloud.com/audiovoid Deft - (APT) - http://www.facebook.com/deftmusiq Sammy Bliss - (Pocket Underground, The Do LaB, Ninjaskillz) - http://soundcloud.com/sammybliss Auditory Canvas - (Summer Rain Recordings) - http://soundcloud.com/auditory-canvas Dead Seal - http://www.myspace.com/deadsealrising Micah J - (Purgatory Cruiser, RBC) - http://soundcloud.com/micahj Keys - (RBC) - http://www.myspace.com/my12keys Raydeus - (Guerilla Bass) - http://soundcloud.com/raydeus Jan van Lier - (Definitive, Teggno, Deep Groove Society) - http://soundcloud.com/jan-van-lier Masta Shredda - (Foot Clan) - http://soundcloud.com/mastashredda Dr. Dylon - (Wobble Factory) - Rhythma - (Om Records) - Itchie Fingaz - (Foot Clan) - http://soundcloud.com/itchiefingaz Mosaic - http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/mozaic Flook - (Purgatory Cruiser, The Ministry of Douchebaggery) - http://soundcloud.com/dackmaddy107-hotmail-com P-DUB - (Guerilla Bass) - http://soundcloud.com/p-dub Dutch - (Opulent Temple) - http://www.opulenttemple.org/archives/000064.php Rick Sharaj w/ Cyrus on drums - Nikita - http://www.myspace.com/djnikita Bogl - DJ Seven - Neptune - (Beat Church) Jimmy B - Benjamin - (BodyRock) Lil John - (Raindance Presents) DJ Wolfie - MAL LABEL DJs: Mycho Pan Cocoa - (Mal Label, Fringe) Blackheart - (Mal Label, Filthy Digital, Redline) Rastatronics - (Mal Label, Camp?) SkullTrane - (Mal Label, Cutty Dubs) El Diablo - (Mal Label, Dhamaal) Ivan Ruiz - (Hidden Cove) 5-MEO - (Tilde Records) Robb Green - Evinrude - THE PURGATORY CRUISER Influence - (Sound Of Habib, Strategik) Grasshoppa - (MIA) Touch - (Deep Groove Society) J Hazen (Strategik Pirata - (Strategik) Jsun - (Deep Groove Society) Zombie J - Digital Honey - The Middle Agent - (Deep Groove Society) iNi - (Optimistic Wobble Factory) Cedrus - Mike D - (Foot Clan) Lippe - Jana D - (RBC) Simple Greene - (Strategik) Bender- (Purgatory Cruiser) J Hazen - (Sound of Habib, Strategik) E.WAYNE - (Guerilla Bass) Chendo - (Guerilla Bass) Cadence - (Limitless Unlimited, V2 Events) Smash - Mose - (Wobble Factory SebTown) ...And Special Guests... Featuring.... THE PURGATORY CRUISER http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69785491755&v=app_2344061033&ref=ts#!/group.php?gid=121401974548308&ref=ts Visuals by DYLAN http://www.onlakon.com/ Main Stage - PK sound by: Wobble Factory - http://www.wobblefactorysound.com/ Pool Stage Sound by : Akaboom Sound - http://www.akaboomsound.com/ Art by: RBC (were not artist) Live art by: Clay - http://www.mindaltar.com/ Andrew Schnell Stephanie Misiura Martin G. DYLAN D'LOUHY - http://www.onlakon.com/ EightMillionEyes Jeremiah Allen Welch - Gregorio de Masi - http://www.demasidesign.com/ http://www.rebelbasscollective.org/ TICKETS: Earlybird: $175 (limited availability) Regular: $200 (limited availability) Door: $225 (limited availability) Private Cabins: $300-$900 for the weekend. For purchase contact, rebelbasscollective@gmail.com or http://rebelbasscollective.org/index-7.html Car Camping Passes(camping with your vehicle):$50(limited availability) for purchase contact, rebelbasscollective@gmail.com or http://rebelbasscollective.org/index-7.html RV Passes:$300(limited availability) for purchase contact, rebelbasscollective@gmail.com or http://rebelbasscollective.org/index-7.html Tickets on sale NOW... online ONLY (in stores June 4th) http://www.rbc.eventbrite.com/ & Be on the look out for Ticket Give-Aways at EVERY RBC show!!! *For more information on booking, musicians, artists, volunteers, class teaching, vendors, or policies... please contact rebelbasscollective@gmail.com