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The Polish Ambassador / Stephan Jacobs / Alpha Data @ Highline [3.9.12]


When: -

Where: Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th Street, New York, NY)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Mr Bugsly Presents

Genres: DowntempoDubstepElectroGlitchHip Hop

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$ 13.00
The Polish Ambassador - Stephan Jacobs - Alpha Data

Are you guys ready for a night of glitched out sexual bass music from the future? We are! Get ready for The Polish Ambassador, Stephan Jacobs, and Alpha Data as they come to knock down the Highline Ballroom!

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Highline Ballroom - 431 W 16th St New York, NY 10011

All Ages

Doors: 11:30 / Music: 12:00

Tickets: $13 adv - $15 dos

The Polish Ambassador

The Polish Ambassador is a beat machine from the future. Hailing simultaneously from the far reaches of other dimensional Universes and... Oakland, California, this dude drops his own unique blend of electro-funked, glitch-tweaked, wobble-freaked breakbeats that will have you dropping that bottom like it was 92.....3092, that is.

The Ambassador builds all of his live sets from a monstrous stash of original drums, bass, synth, and vox lines. "No Genre Left Behind," Sugalski jokes as he blends elements of funk, glitch, idm, hip hop, 80s music, jungle, and dub into a beat soup that will instigate healthy doses of booty shake and fist pump.

Claiming to be Poland's ambassador to the Universe, Sugalski has released 5 studio albums, all independently. Diplomatic Immunity in 2007, The Phantasmal Farm in 2008, I Found Him. Now I Must Kill Him in 2009, Mating Season (released under the Ample Mammal alias) and First Words in 2010. All 5 albums have obtained favorable press and achieved regular rotation on college, independent, and internet radio.

Synthesizers and a pure spirit are his primary weapons. Join his army and help Polish annihilate bad beats marring the earth with shame and disgrace.

Stephan Jacobs

Stephan Jacobs is one of the most exciting multi-genre producers in southern California today. Drawing from a powerful collection of original material and heavyweight remixes, this passionate young producer slings out stimulating sets of uptempo dubstep, twisted glitch hop and straight-up West Coast crunk.

Stephan Jacobs has a knack for inciting crowds with his eclectic music, whether he is performing at major music festivals like Coachella, dark underground events in LA or the hottest club in Hollywood. With over five years of experience making music and ten years playing out from Vancouver to Tel Aviv, Jacobs has honed his skills and style and now stands poised to bring new waves of brain-smashing beats to the hungry masses.

A prolific producer who cannot stop creating, Jacobs is also half of Kether, the highly regarded live electronics duo with a firmly established spot at the forefront of West Coast sound. Stepping out on his own and further down the path of dance floor-pleasing crunk, he continues to tear down the house and rock audiences to their knees.

Jacobs never lets an opportunity to share his sound slip by, and has earned a name in underground circles as one of the most talented bass music producers today. His innovative sets sneak up on crowds and shove them into dance euphoria with their provocative basslines, juicy melodies and mesmerizing female vocals. Devoted to music and to killing the crowd, Stephan Jacobs is an instigator who is on his way up.

Alpha Data

With an ear for interesting sounds and an eye for attention to detail, Alpha Data creates fresh and captivating music. Beats that shake the dance floor collide with basslines from other planets, while bleeps, bloops, clicks and glitches weave in and out of distinct and catchy melodies, creating music that draws the listener in whether blasted through stacks of speakers or headphones. Focusing on midtempo glitch-hop, Alpha Data wants the low end to move your body and the high end to tickle your eardrums with delight. Alpha Data has shared the stage with numerous national and international performers, including: Tipper, Lazer Sword, Ana Sia, Mimosa, Kraddy, Knight Riderz, ill.Gates, Beats Antique, Bil Bless, Excision, Eskmo, Eprom, OTT, Bluetech, Jazzsteppa, Emancipator, Antiserum, Broken Note, Downlink, Phutureprimitive, ArchNemesis, Reid Speed, and the list goes on and on.


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