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The Manifestation Celebration 2011


When: -

Where: Dallas Museum of Nature and Science (3535 Grand Avenue and 1318 S. 2nd Avenue, Fairpark, TX)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Indoor - Other

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Promoters: Reevolution Media

Genres: BreaksDowntempoGlitchLivetronica

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$ 40.00
The Manifestation Celebration is a festival of ideas and possibilities.  It is a tribute to the awareness that each and every one of us holds within our selves the key to our own wellbeing, our own creative self-expression, and our own sense of balance and harmony with the environment in which we live.  It is a celebration of our ability to manifest the reality we seek right here, right now ~ both as independent spirits paving our own paths on this planet, and as contributors to the collective reality we all create and share together.


May 7th, 2011  Dallas, Tx

 A Night at the Museum:The Alex Grey Experience

 at the Dallas Museum Of Nature & Science


Alex Grey 

(Meet & Greet, Discussion, Live Painting w. The Nadis Warriors)

Allyson Grey

(Meet & Greet, Discussion, Live Painting w. The Nadis Warriors)

Daniel Pinchbeck

(Q&A, Signing)

Maestro Don Jose Campos

(Opening Ceromony, Closing Ceromony, Signing, Shamanic Intiation during Nadis Warriors Set)

Rick Strassman, MD

(Meet & Greet, Signing)

Mitch Schultz

(Q&A, Meet & Greet)

Jamie Janover

(Discussion: Unified Field Theory)

Peter Gorman

(Meet & Greet, Signing)

Rose Hahn 

(Discussion: Divine Feminine, Signing)

Alberto Roman

(Poetry, Translator for Don Jose Campos)

Michael Garfield

(Live Painting, Discussion)


The Nadis Warriors  (
w/ special guests: Jamie Janover & Don Jose Campos)







Language Love


More TBA

Full Screenings of :

2012: Time for Change


The Spirit Molecule

We will be using multiple projections of Alex Grey's art to fill the 79 foot Imax screen. All exhibits will  be open to the attendees.

To ensure a pleasant and intimate evening for our attendees, only 1,000 tickets total will be sold for this event