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When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Dirty Trio Productions

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepElectroPsytrance


$ 35.00
3 Day Massive Outdoor Event!
30-45 mins From of Portland!
30 + Instate, Out of State, National, or International Headliners!!!
Line up and Venue Location TBA
DATES : JULY 2nd, 3rd, & 4th
Miguel Angel Zavala Cerna. Digital Freq , Originaly from Guadalajara Jalisco with Only 24 years of age DJ and music producer for over 10 years. Playing for 500 people in clubs or at festivals in some of the mayor Countrys Arround The World Like Japan, USA, or Brazil to more than 10,000 people. With tracks on the top 10 & Number 1 on Beatport , Releases on Ultra, BugEyed, System Recordings, Bazooka/Zooland. Supporters such as Paul Van Dyk, Francois Kevorkian,Spencer & Hill, Donald Glaude, Paul Anthony, The Scum Frog, among others. Digital Freq is Recognized By His Funky Slaps & Hard Pumping Wicked Basses Influences From Rock to Classical Music
Vancouver Canada
(Big Fish Records, Plasma Pool)
Don’t let the name fool you as this fast rising electro star is far from lazy - after only 2 years in the studio Lazy Rich has more chart-topping releases under his belt than most artists achieve in their entire career. And he means business; Lazy Rich’s music is played by some of the worlds biggest electronic music artists such as David Guetta, Fatboy Slim, Sander Kleinenberg, Judge Jules and DJ Dan.
This UK native now living in Canada, is also the head of his own label “Big Fish Recordings”, and has a plethora of artists across the globe that have assisted in positioning his label as a formidable force in the dance music scene.
After achieving a slew of #1’s and Top Tens on both “Beatport” and “TrackItDown”, alongside a number of plays on BBC Radio 1, Lazy Rich has had the opportunity to play sets all over the world, destroying dance floors from Miami to Ibiza.
The future looks incredibly bright for this rapidly rising star - gut-wrenchingly intense, obnoxiously funky and audaciously epic, Lazy Rich makes sick stupid beats to get floors bumping.
Lazy Rich is unstoppable right now - a string of huge tracks and remixes has showed the world that he means business, gaining him recognition from some of the industry's leading labels and artists, including DJ Dan, Hatiras, Miles Dyson, Sander Kleinenberg, Klass, Micky Slim, and Will Bailey. Several plays on BBC Radio 1 and numerous entries in the DJTUNES Top 100 have given Rich the opportunity to play sets all over the world, from Miami to Ibiza, destroying dance floors with a relentless barrage of grimey electro armageddon. And the future looks set to be even brighter; with the success of his own label - Big Fish Recordings, numerous big name collaborations and forthcoming tours all over the world, Lazy Rich is destined to be one of the biggest names in electro house.
Vancouver Canada
(Stereo Soul, Big Fish records)
L.A. - Jag ent.
DSTNKT (pronounced Distinkt)
[OMG! Music, JAG Events, Melt Clothing]
Robert's mission statement is simple:"I want to channel the joy that I feel when I spin to the audience. I want to make people feel awesome." One So Cal Dj gaining fame in Los Angeles...DJ DSTNKT started off, to form a new sound, a new style and a new era...all within a different technique from the rest. Not one to follow rules, DSTNKT was born out of his own desire to work solely for the audience and the music, rather than for the money and fame. He draws inspiration from diverse musical backgrounds, with an eye towards the future. As he sonically emphasizes the excitement generated by the music and contemporaries while keeping its roots firmly planted in tradition. DSTNKT hails masters such as Steve Aoki, Steve Angello, Boyz Noise, Sebastian Ingrosso, Reid Speed, Paparazzi, Treasure Fingers and many more in an attempt to 'educate and elevate' the crowd. What separates DSTNKT from the rest of the pack is not only the ferocity of his passion for dance music, but striving to achieve or define a sort of 'Future Classicism', to which his name pays a sort of tongue-in-cheek homage. The word 'Distinct' is defined clearly or sharply defined to the mind. With that stated he intends to make a similarly startling impact while resounding far longer than its name would suggest. With several of his self produced and remixed tracks such as Kanye West's "Stronger" and the fantastical... "Zdarlight vs. &Down", a collaboration of Digitalism and Boyz Noise, he has refined the meaning dance music from Progressive to Nu Rave and all inbetween Check him out at
No Face 'N' Rustik (Electro-House)
Hip Hop Headliners
On Dirty Trio Stage:
Marv Ellis
A poet from the great northwest, who represents the final stages of hip-hop’s growth across North America.
Marv Ellis has been playing live music for the last ten years, breaking down genre borders with his abilities to blend his message into anything.
Currently he is one of the hardest working emcees on the west coast, having performed over a hundred shows since the beginning of 2009.
He has been paying all the bills with his talent for the last three years, independently releasing three full length solo albums, as well as two collaboration albums, one with Lafa Taylor, and one with Portland’s Male artist of the year, Keegan Smith.
He has assembled a touring band with drums, congas, keys and bass.
Every player in his band is a veteran of thrilling entertainment.
The live show can also be digital with Dj Dv8.
Over the years, Marv Ellis has shared the stage with Michael Franti, Nas, Bone, Krs-One, Blackalicious, Mr. Lif, Speech of Arrested Development, Tre of Pharcyde, Living Legends, Lyrics Born, Souls of Mischief, Ozomatli, and Chuck D.
He raps in English,
with a touch of Spanish at times, adding vocal scratching and beat boxing, while singing all his hooks.
According to, Marv Ellis is the 1 unsigned soul artist in Oregon.
He is also the 1 unsigned fusion artist in Oregon, while ranking 7, as a unsigned Hip hop artist.
He self produced his new album, “Mental Picture Machine” in his room, taking what he learned his last album, “Dream Catcher Juice”, and applying it to his song writing method.
Overall, Marv Ellis just wants you to see and hear his art. He molds and manipulates words and cadence structures with the best of them.
He has a band built specifically for festivals called the ‘Imaginary Friends.’ They can form an orchestra of up to ten people, with strings, two drummers, keys, horns, guitars, a Dj, and twin back up singers.
Marv Ellis also has visited over a dozen schools, speaking about what he does, while inspiring countless youth over the course of the last eight years.
If you Google ‘Marv Ellis’ and the words ‘Hip-hop’, ten pages of history will surface.
He is a spoken word artist at the Oregon Country Fair every year, where he entertains thousands of people with one microphone.
He has always kept his promise, keeping the message thought provoking, conscious, and real.
Salem OR, (
Local Support on Dirty Trio stage:
Dope Kandy Phase 3, The Dirty Trio SEA
PDX (my own pulse, dirty trio)
PDX (GBE, Flair)
Freddy Funk
PDX (Flair)
Dj DelicPDX (Dirty Trio)
Dr Phil
Benny B-a-Mason
G.A.M.M.A. / Stilldream / Left Coast Techno / Movement Now
Born and raised in Northern California, G.A.M.M.A. (AKA The Predator) burst onto the techno scene in 1997. Listening to many different styles of underground techno at a young age has made G.A.M.M.A.’s own musical style diverse, hypnotizing, and addictive. Spinning a continuous and flawless mix of acid techno, breaks and house, has brought G.A.M.M.A. worldwide notoriety.
Helping form the Stilldream Collective and joining Techno Truth, proves G.A.M.M.A. is not just another DJ. These 2 companies have thrown numerous parties/massives, as well as introduced California ears to the unrelenting techno sounds of Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator, Julian Liberator, and Dustin Zahn. With a strong dedication to quality, these companies are bringing innovative techno to everyone.
Respected and revered by all, G.A.M.M.A. has had the privilege to spin alongside such legends as John Selway, Dj Dan, Misstress Barbara, Claude Von Stroke, Woody McBride, Donald Glaude, and D.A.V.E. The Drummer, to name a few. With well over 300 parties/events to his name, (including Burning Man 03/04/05/06, Harmogeddon 2000, Stay Up Forever, as well as numerous residencies in California and Nevada) G.A.M.M.A. still makes each night seem like the first. His enthusiastic spirit and passion show in every performance. "Techno is music in its truest form, it is classy, deep, and intelligent and I see some of the most ground breaking productions and new ideas in that genre of music. I’m going to keep pushing the sound". That’s G.A.M.M.A. . . . pushing the sound, leading the way, and leaving an indelible mark on a musical landscape called techno.
Slipmat Science (Friday Night & Saturday Day)
The Cloaked Characters
Mark Rada
Hukt on Wax
Thumb Print Collective
Moon Juice
Dj Prophase
DJ Lynx
Stilldream (Saturday Night)
Tooth & N4il
Tha Doppelgangers
Nick Nyquil
Heavenly Father
Reptilian Bass Station
Atom O.N.E.
Tha Fruitbat
+ More TBA
Audio Driveby / Phase 3 Stage:
Monkey- Phase 3 SEA
MykPhase 3 SEA
Dope Kandy Phase 3, The Dirty Trio SEA
Nick MCAudio Driveby SEA
Tom McFunk Audio Driveby SEA
Tap Tap SEA
Dj Tyty- Dope Kandy SEA
Shaggy- Funked Up SEA
MRDJ- Funked Up SEA
Raichu- Dope Kandy SEA
Kris Sasse- Dope Kandy SEA
Hogan- Televisonary SEA
Jae- Dope Kandy SEA
Ben Towers- Audio Driveby SEA
DJ Meddle- Audio Driveby SEA
Solar Signal- Dope Kandy SEA
Ignotus- Dope Kandy SEA
Ben Towers- Audio Driveby SEA
Kristofer Paul - SEA
plus some special guests
GBE line up TBA... View Post
"We will bringing some heat at our stage! Expect mind blowing live visuals, Go Go Dancers, A huge sound system and some of the best local DJ's Oregon has to offer!" - james
Dj's will be playing Techno, House, Electro & Dubstep!
Confirmed so far for the G.B.E. stage is
Drive Pilot
James Renegade
(Progressive House & Electro)
Ryan Walz & Mason Roberts (House & Techno)
Ekim (Dubstep & Techno)
No Face 'N' Rustik (Electro-House)
Double A (Progressive House)
Justin Jeffers
(Tech-house & Breaks)
FSTZ of Rogue Dubs (MAD BEAT KLUKS, Starcaters, and Acid-Unicorn Stage)
FSTZ - RogueDubs / / Kansas City, Missouri
Credited for introducing dubstep to the Kansas City scene with
/Kablammo!/ the areas first all dubstep event, FSTZ has been innovating
his brand of electronic dance dub since 2006. With his signature
“floor destroyer” style, there’s never a shortage of bass weight when
FSTZ is on the decks. His mixing skills have received worldwide
attention; most notably from dubstep godfather Joe Nice, who had this
to say…
/ “FSTZ was in the zone at the Czar Bar. No doubt about it. I remember
the night vividly – Thanksgiving weekend, cold outside and there was a
buzz in the air about the Mizzou football game at the club. FTSZ was
powermixing on all levels. One of the best performances I’ve seen all
year from a DJ.”/ – Joe Nice, Gourmet Beats
In 2009 FSTZ was nominated “Best Dance DJ” by the Pitch Weekly,
Kansas City’s arts and culture magazine. He has recently launched his
vinyl label, Rogue Plates, and remains an active contributor to
Dubfront Records, a Chicago based dubstep label. You can catch FSTZ
nearly every Saturday on or on a sound system near you.
The Bassist
Record release tour!!!
Rogue Dubs Portland Oregon
Vlad Gutierrez is no stranger to the US Northwest broken beats community. He has been spinning records since 98 and has had the opportunity to play on many international dancefloors. Relocated to Portland, OR in 2003 after being part of the "Essential Drum & Bass" crew in Barcelona,Spain. He then started "Madkraft" in 2004, a drum n' bass project alongside Invid and Mecca. In 2007 he began a transition towards Dubstep and since then this genre has become his passion. His first Dubstep release came out in 2007 on Aleutian Audio and stayed in Digital Tunes' top 10 for a couple weeks. Currently, he is busy producing beats for labels such as Hollow Point, Terminal Dusk, Requiem Audio, Simplify and Rogue Dubs.
Dubious global Babylon N2o Bludclot records Los Angeles
Dubious started out playing Ragga-Jungle and Dancehall in the British Columbia outdoor scene. As time progressed his styles widened, playing across all genres, but with roots still planted in reggae and dub. Having switched his focus to production, Dubious released tracks this year on N2o and Bludclot records while playing the Los Angeles underground. Now, armed with Ableton live and a slew of dubz, Dubious is bringing the ruffneck bizness to a new level, mashing down Babylon, one dub at a time.
Mortal Grey [Phantom Hertz Recordings] Portland Oregon
Dj Sence G.B.E /giganticore Portland Oregon
EKIM& Flatline Late night renegades, dirty trio Portland Oregon
5-0-what Mad beat kluks Portland Oregon
"plus with this many dope ass producers we will be trying to put together a production workshop
and open decks during the day" - taz
Techno By Acid Unicorn:
Roman Zawodny
(Mad Beat Kluks, Starcatchers, and Acid-Unicorn Stage)
Roman Zawodny is most assuredly one of the most talented techno DJ’s to come of the Northwest United States dance music scene. Having spent ample time banging out massive sets at some of the most hailed parties and events throughout the 90’s, he built his brand on the decks, and cultivated his own unique sound in the studio. He is also the man behind a legion of Northwest nightlife impresarios who credit him for their start. His production encompasses the evolution of his style: a jacking, tribal, melodic sound that has won him many fans, notable appearances (1015 Folsom in SF and The Docks in Toronto to name a few) and much respect throughout the western hemisphere. With support from a list of names that reads like a virtual who is who of techno, Roman’s signature productions are being supported by many of the globes hottest techno DJ’s. Dave Clarke, Carl Cox, Cristian Varela, Hertz, Donnell Knox, Virgil Enzinger, The Advent, Submerge 101, Sinisa Tamamovic, Spiros Kaloumenos, Woody Mcbride, Derrick May, Pedro Delgardo, A.Paul, Dave Angel, Trevor Rockliffe, Robert Armani, DJ Murphy, Colin Dale, Elton D, Bass Mooy, DJ Bold, Chris Cowie, Stephen Brown, Max Walder, and The Tattoo Detectives have all rocked his tracks to rave reviews at nightclubs and prestigious music festivals throughout the world!
Psy-Trance By Starcatchers
Dj Waater
(Mad Beat Kluks, Starcatchers, and Acid-Unicorn Stage)
DJ Waater Mark [Triplag Music / Molecular / Metacrew] PDX
Ten years of evolution has given electronic musician Waater Mark (Shepherd Grei) the ability to project deep–rooted goa trance grooves and atmospheric rhythms into a triballistic journey of self discovery. Waater has proven himself to be solidly on the path of musical re–generation.
Metacrew PDX
In a world where laptop shows have become de-facto for “live” electronic music acts, it is increasingly rare to see performers who can disconnect from the screen long enough to truly connect with the audience. Armed with a computer, a pair of guitars, a projector and his voice, multimedia artist Planewalker takes no prisoners when it comes to the dancefloor. With his brain-tickling psychedelic tracks featuring highly intricate rhythms and Hendrix-style guitar playing, he is anything but the typical DJ. With three album releases scheduled for 2010 including “The Kaivalya Project”, the “Psychic Evolution EP”, and “Spirit Circuits” and well as numerous music video projects inlcuding the Metakinetics YouTube channel, he is posed to take the 2010 summer festival circuit by storm.
Seeing Planewalker perform is like watching a magic show – there’s always something new and interesting happening on stage. As versatile an artist as Moby, he somehow manages to straddle the abyss between mainstream and the fringes of reality, drawing in fans from all sub-genres of electronic music much like Shpongle or Aphex Twin. One of the best elements in his compositional style is the constant change-ups where the music can suddenly shift gears mid-song into another style altogether. As crazy as that sounds, it actually works. The best example is “Kabbalistic Kazoo”, a ten minute epic which somehow manages to morph from trance into bluesy sixties swing music and then into a long dub-step breakdown before ending once again with trance. As the artist puts it, “I don’t think appealing to a genre is the right approach to maximize creativity, because you are always working inside a box. When I sit down to make a song, I don’t think genre – I start with a tempo and just see what comes out.”
Despite the heavy electronic influence, Planewalker’s sound has its roots in the guitar. He explains, “The first time my mind was blown by music was when I heard Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo ‘Eruption’ on the first Van Halen album. From that moment I knew I wanted to be a guitar player.” His passion for the guitar led him to becoming a huge Joe Satriani fan, and eventually landed him a guitar scholarhip at Berklee College of Music at the age of 17. But in Boston his music took an unexpected turn. As he says, “I was living on the third story of an apartment building, and on the first story were a couple of DJs always having house parties. At first I couldn’t stand it, but they wouldn’t stop so I figured if I couldn’t beat ‘em, I’d join ‘em.” The following ten years saw his slow departure from a shredder to a dance music producer and DJ, heavily influenced in particular by LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, Goldie and Infected Mushroom.
Planewalker’s recent performances have seen the re-integration of his guitar work as well as the new addition of synchronized visuals and vocals. The combination of live guitar with electronic music is a rare thing in itself, but when combined with the animated fractals and human voice magnetically draws even the die-hard wallflowers closer to the stage. “The key to making the whole thing work is this MIDI foot controller, which lets me control the show with my feet so my hands are free to play guitar. I can finally get away from the screen altogether.” And since in front of the audience is where he really shines, it’s definitely a welcome advancement. Planewalker is taking electronic dance music in a direction it’s never been – back to the roots of blues and rock that defines the American sound. “This country needs to understand that electronic music is real music and worth listening to. At the same time, learning how to DJ or even produce songs doesn’t automatically make you a musician. A laptop is not a guitar, but combined with some thought it can be anything you can imagine.” Whether or not you agree with him, you owe it to yourself to check this guy out.
Blue Spectral Monkey
(TOUCH Samadhi, Interchill Records, MetaCrew; Portland) / / /
Blue Spectral Monkey
TOUCH Samadhi, Interchill Records; Portland, OR
Truly a connoisseur of psychedelic electronic music and art, Blue Spectral Monkey has
been evolving, collecting and spinning incessantly since 1995. Due to his devotion, enthusiasm and mastery of the craft, Blue Spectral Monkey has been widely recognized as one of the leading psychedelic DJs in the US. His trance sets are playful, funky, driving and mysterious; a symbiosis of tribal intensity and techno-logical meltdown. His vast collection and obsessive charting system provides him with countless directions to take the listener, through many realms and styles. With a rampant music addiction along with the promotional support of several international labels he constantly explores new realms of sound.
BSM has played alongside many well known psytrance artists, for example: Lemurians, Onkel Dunkel, Psychoz, Loud, Onnomon, Ocelot, Mubali, Bodhisattva 13:20, Primordial Ooze, Shapestatic, Secret Society, Naked Tourist, and many more!
Also, he is well known for his skills as a downtempo/chillout DJ, and joined the Interchill Records team in 2006. He dives deeply into new electronic dub, glitchy fun, slow trance, deep ambient space, and chilled breaks with an ethno-spiritual-psychedelic twist, all the time keeping the sounds thick, groovy and trippy. He is notorious for playing on multiple decks, as well as the occasional 10 hour set! He has shared the stage with many internationally renown artists including: Androcell, Solar Fields, Gus Till, Bluetech, Jaia, Govinda, Third Ear Audio, Liquid Stranger, and others!
Several years of music production has resulted in over 2 hours of original material, in a collaborative project known as Medimonkz, as well as newer material, spanning genres, made more recently alone. As one of the main organizers of TOUCH Samadhi he has been responsible for the facilitation, decoration and promotion of countless dance events across the USA. In addition, he has organized the downtempo stage at the infamous Gemini Festival the past two summers.
As well as his Dj and music production, BSM is known for his endeavours in event decoration, stretch fabric installations, lighting, logistics and promotions, and his widely recognized collage art style. His art has been seen at countless events across the country, and is currently hanging in a gallery in downtown Portland, Oregon.
DJ Yanni
(SEA) -
(EUG) - StarCatchers
Kyle Constable
Dj Reeflex
- StarCatchers
- StarCatchers/ANS
Dj Forward
- StarCatchers
Futurebreaks/DnB Stage
Brought to you by Deconstruct and Airline:
Hosted by: Senseone and Blacktacular
Sound by Audio Freq
Dedicated to Christopher Sera, aka Missing Link RIP 7/7/58-4/28/10
Denver, CO (BassLab / True Movement / Denver Bass Squad)
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. brings a diverse mixture of bass heavy music combining glitch hop, dubstep, drum and bass and beyond with a flare for the unexpected. His seamless blending of styles and tempos and on the fly mash-ups has made him a crowd favorite in Colorado. Co-founder of the Jungle Labs & BassLab crew and a member of the Denver Bass Squad, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. has built a large following from the infamous Jungle Labs warehouse parties, regular nights at Denver’s Beta Nightclub, and his mixtapes on the Temporal Fusion podcast. Expect nothing short of an all out assault of crunkadelic party music -
DJ Self
Philadelphia, PA, (Frontline Kingpins, Upscale Audio,
Since 2001, DJ Self has been rinsing it out like his life depended on it, with bookings from Toronto to Washington DC and everywhere inbetween, this crusher is known for leaving venues in shambles. Self's mixing skills are upscale, with seamless extended mixes full of snare stabs, bass kills and switchups that routinely have the crowd in a frenzy. This combined with excellent track selection has earned him spots opening for LTJ Bukem, Dom and Roland, and AK1200 just to name a few. Come see one of Philly's phinest smash it at his first west coast appearance!!
Boston, MA, (Threshold, New England Bass Alliance, Dubwhat?)
Megha doesn't fear any soundbwoy, and for good reason. Staying true to her roots as a freestyle battle dancer, she brings an intense energy and heart to every set she spins. Getting her start as a hip-hop club dj and a reggae selector on local radio, she has gone on to rapidly make a name for herself in the international jungle and dubstep communities. Her bad gyal selections, ruthless cutting technique, unexpected mash-ups, laptop nerdiness, and added clash samples make for a murderous style that somehow still manages to sound distinctly feminine. Over the past year, she has released seven meticulously constructed studio mixes and a live recording which seamlessly blend old and new skool genre styles and have received thousands of downloads, not to mention the admiration of fans worldwide. Constantly pushing new sounds forward to the massive, she started Meghawatt Mondays, a ragga jungle night, along with Dubwhut?!, the first dubstep night in Western Massachusetts. She is proud to rep New England Bass Alliance, Threshold Collective, Dubwhut?!, Bass Embassy, 413DNB, Awake Productions, Basscamp NYC, and the international Amen Assassins crew.
Jason Curtis
Seattle, (Pulse, Breakfast of Champions)
Seattle, (Reactionary, Chickenhed)
PDX, (Soundscape Audio, Crush DNB, NW Dub Alliance)
Bellingham, WA, (
Jack Burton
Seattle, ( All Your Bass, Breakfast of Champions)
Ryan Organ
PDX, (Lo Dubs, Offshore)
Hara Isis
PDX, (Black Tide)
PDX, (Status Elevated)
Josh D & Believe
PDX, ( AK Crew)
Kellan and Avery
PDX, (See You Next tuesday)
Dirt Merchant & DJJinn
PDX, (SSP, Cratediggers)
(Ashland crew)
Princess Blackheart & M Lord
PDX, (SSP, Dope City Kids)
PDX, (Reactionary,
(Cosmos Unite)
The sonic wizard that exists on this Earth as novaTRON is a designer of musical experience that defies all categorization. An animal like no other, novaTRON creates completely original beats that are improvised on the fly on the 'Tron Box', a self-constructed constellation of audio hardware... The music born from the marriage of the mind of a mad scientist and the Tron Box is a unique symphony of breakbeats, a reality twisted into a science of experimentation that combines to form an aural experience that can only be lived in the present. NovaTRON’s organic live sets capture the ephemeral nature of art and existence and strap it down with a thick layer of bass before letting it go on it’s way out to the world and into your body. His beats take you on a trip through multiple realms of reality with a professor of phunk at the helm NovaTRON is a master of the moment who continues to push the limits of electronica with each and every new set.
Jimmy Hoffa
Killa K
Other Electro Life Producions
* Gon3r
* Alex B
* James Dean
* Jimmy Hoffa
Zack Attack
Andrew Storm
DJ Phantom
DJ Spheramid
DJ Meshmind
Joe Reikow
Electric Jedi
Electric Blue Moon
Live Animals
Molly Monsters
X-Mas Productions Line up:
* DJ Pez vs Stable
* DJ Money
* DJ Johnny Blaze
* Pharoh vs Pied Piper
Salt Lake city Utah
DJ Quack Quack recognized as the God Father of Hands Up in North America has been in popular demand after releasing his popular remix's of "Pretty Green Eyes" & "I'll Fly With You". This DJ is drivin to lift your spirits, hype the vibe, and keep you dancing all night long! Come experience the NRG, the fun, and the vibe, that only DJ Quack Quack is known to provide!
Mcabe Reed
Boise ID
Phreek D